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This Security Company is an awesome Security to Own 😉

  • Big Fat Target – To be no 1, in all three verticals of Security, Facility Management and Cash Logistics in India by 2022.
  • Revenue Contribution Today
    • 38% India security service.
    • 49% Australia, New Zealand and Singapore security service revenue.
    • 13% facility management
    • Negligible Cash management logistics.
  • No of employees – 2,15,000
    • Team Lease – 2,00,000
    • Quess – 2,92,872
    • TCS – 4,24,285
    • Pretty sure it’s easier to have more blue collar employees than white collar employees 😉
  • Crossed 1 billion or Rs 7,000 cr sales for the first time in 2019 this year.
  • First year of crossing 2,00,000 employees.
  • India market share does not exceed 5% of the country. In countries like Australia the large players have 15-20% market share of mature economies. SiS is aiming to be a “BIG FISH IN A BIG POND”. Veteran Investor Bharat Shah will be very happy 🙂
  • Cost of funds as on 31st march is 7.5 %. This should reduce further after the Budget.
  • Customer credit rating has been re-looked. Q1 had witnessed some major write offs due to bad debts. Why SIS is a like bank in more ways than one
  • Will largely focus on Tech Solutions this year.
  • Going beyond cleaning as a facility management to managing facilities like Oil and Gas companies. Quess has been doing this successfully for a while.
  • Expect to see some major reforms in the the Labor Policy of India.
  • TAILWINDS for Security
    • People are generally more frightened as threat perceptions increase. Security has moved from a LUXURY to a NECESSITY.
    • 40 cr people live in cities, and every building be it residential, office space, entertainment space or simply parks have to be guarded. As urbanisation increases, each unit needs to be protected.
    • GDP * 2 x. Security services will grow at least 2x the GDP growth in developing economies.
    • India has 150 police officers for 1,00,000 citizens with extremely low technological use. Pakistan , Nepal and Bhutan have better police to people ratio.
    • Technology will help make labour more efficient and move up from sub optimal utilisation.
    • Private Security Agencies Regulation Act will soon do to security services what RERA did to the construction industry. Consolidation will be a necessity.
    • GOVT OUTSOURCING – the Govt is sick of paying pension. They want to get efficient and outsource its maintenance and lots of services.
    • Currently a 80,000 cr market, the same could go upwards of 1,50,000 cr by 2025.
    • Current marketshare of India – 4%.
    • Australia marketshare – 20%
  • TAILWINDS for Facility Management
    • The Indian Railways has finally begun outsourcing its housekeeping services.
    • From singular services, SiS is looking to take over end-to-end facility management. Not too much into the future, you could probably hand over the entire housekeeping department of a hotel to SiS.
    • Healthcare attendants are probably going to the fastest growing category, especially after Ayushmann Bharath and increased Health Insurance penetration.
  • TAILWINDS for Cash Logistics
    • It is rumoured that the 2000 rupee note will be scrapped. More 500 notes simply mean more business and more replenishments.
    • Moving from cash-top-up mechanism to a cassette mechanism, for ATM refilling, which means, money will have to be taken back too.
    • Minimum net worth of companies to operate in the cash management business to be 100 cr. I wonder who came up with such an profoundly innovative idea 🙂
    • Marketshare 14%
  • Stickiness – Most tech enabled solutions will be relatively sticky in nature as it quite a painful task in re-deploying everything. Also SiS is the best in the business, and moving from them would only mean going to a smaller player who probably has more bandwith temporarily.
  • Acquisition Strategy
    • Good players who are local companies, but can’t scale beyond that location. SLV in Delhi-NCR, Uniq in Bangalore. Henderson Singapore.
    • New niche players with specific skill sets. Eg Apollo Sindhoori who is huge in healthcare management. Rare Hospitality Mumbai.
    • SiS usually has a staggered buy-out approach, which is based on valuation based on agreed performance.
  • Landing on the right side of Technology Disruption
    • Facial Recognition, E-invoices, Automatics Salary and Bonus Payments, Raising complaints before the client complains, and many productivity improvement tools.
  • The Security services industry is an 80,000 cr industry growing upwards of 20%, with mandatory rise in wages annually.
  • Concentrated Shareholding – 98.95% of the shares are held by 109 shareholders who have each at least invested Rs 45,00,000 at current share price of 915. This is a big-boys club stock.
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