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A few weeks ago, @ Raunak Onkar shared a wonderful documentary “Century of the Self” Link here. The documentary is about American nephew of Sigmund freud, one Mr Edward Bernays and how he pioneered the concept of manipulating the masses by using psychological tools. If you are a student of psychology, which everyone should be, you cannot afford to miss it.

This particular blog can be categorized into category of “conspiracy theory” and so if you are not into that kind of stuff, you can simply ignore this as a rant of an Investor going through draw downs 😉

But before you do that, I want to bring to your attention an uncanny similarity between that documentary and our country’s current state of affairs. I am of the opinion, that our honorable prime minister or his close advisors have not only seen that documentary, but are practicing it on us.

While I want you to watch that documentary in full, (Its a weekend, it won’t hurt to NOT go to that mall for change)

Point 01. You can rule the masses if you can create a larger than life image for yourself. People world over are always looking for a story to be sold on. Bernays was hired by American President Wilson as their Public Relation Counsel (A fancy name for a propagandist) and they portrait him as the Liberator of the masses, A man who would create the new world. They made him the Hero of the masses.

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Point 02. The whole Idea is to make the masses “Docile”. If you truly want to Rule the people, you want them busy with their mundane crap and NOT be Independent thinkers.

Of-course its not as linear as that. A host of strategies are deployed creating a lolapolooza effect.

Now Point 01 somehow resembles the entire Charade of “Achhe Din” however we are not going there.

This blog is going to concentrate on POINT 2.

While watching that documentary, An AHA moment happened and I suddenly realized a drastic and disturbing development in the last 02 years.

I have received close to 20 letters from the Income tax department in the last 02 years. No, i am not earning a truck loads all of a sudden and No, i am not hiding any income. The content of these “Notices” is just to get information and once they get the ball rolling on that, they keep the DRAG on for like forever.

I am sure, i am not the only one, almost every one I know (the middle and upper middle class idiots) have received these letters by a load.

Now of-course you don’t answer them yourself, the bandwidth choke will ensure you close down your business and follow up with sarkari douchebags as a full time commitment, you simply hire a CA who rips you off for every visit.

But that is NOT the point. This is AGENDA. The entire exercise is done to turn you docile, it is done to create an image that you are under constant vigil, it is done to add Stress to your life, it works at a sub conscious level. It basically fucks your mind and you become ripe for further manipulation.

When I ran this theory with a few friends, i received a similar feedback that i got when they justified “Demonetization”

. The intention of the govt is good.

. Pain in short term, gain in long term.

. Modi hai toh mumkin hai

. The man is Not corrupt.

None of these rebuttals make sense. Lets ask a simple question to bring home the point. Do you think that this stress inducing Income tax harassment has anything to do with the increase in amount of tax they have collected.

Harassment is always done to people who can be harassed and not who need to be.

Read that statement above AGAIN. Agriculture income will NEVER get taxed and that where the bounty is.

You are already in the tax ambit, you are the 2% of the population who pays tax, so of-course you are the only bakras on which new axe will be tried.

and while they keep you busy with this Stress, from behind suddenly a Bill gets passed.

The bill, if approved by President Ram Nath Kovind will grant greater powers to the Centre in deciding the terms of the chief information commissioners (CICs) and information commissioners (ICs) at both the central and state levels.

Now even if you are not an expert on the subject, a simple heuristic would hold you in good stead.

Less Government is always a good thing and way to go secondly

As Taleb puts it, Decentralization is the hallmark of successful anti-fragile nations and Centralized systems are subject to tail risks.

You can disregard this article as conspiracy theory but I feel, it is getting Scarier by the day!!!!!!

They are PLAYING US.

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Manish Dhawan

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