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I have developed a google sheet which uses the functionalities of google finance to extract the price history of any stock you desire. Instructions are available in the sheet.

Kindly make a copy of the sheet to your google drive so that everyone can make use of it at the same time.

Parameters included in the sheet are:

  1. Absolute & CAGR returns.
  2. All-time high, 52-week high/low.
  3. % change from all-time high & 52-week H/L.
  4. Rolling returns for periods of the month, 1/3/5/7/10 years.
  5. Drawdown % and days.
  6. Moving Averages.
  7. Charting.

Hope you will find the tool helpful.

Google Sheet: Stock Price History



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Abhinav Mehrotra

Abhinav Mehrotra

Abhinav focuses on long-term positions in deeply moated businesses in the Indian equity space. He seeks momentum in the business model of a company and in the space in which it operates.
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