Case for ‘Exuberance’ in the times of Uncertainty and Fear

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As we see the world rummaging thru
the stores scampering for toilet paper its amazing to see how soon the
irrational exuberance as late as Jan 2020 has turned to unreasonable fear and
collectively, majority of the people become less confident of the future and
forget/ignore the resilience and the intelligence of human race.

We Humans aren’t Gods gift to the
planet and no different from the virus/es that are attacking us and trying to
push us out/away either. But one thing that sets us apart is the refinement in
the way we communicate in multitude of languages and the way we have devised
languages to talk to machines and vice versa and analyse information/data.

While a billion other species are
only struggling to survive and remain fit to procreate, Homo Sapiens have ‘almost’
moved up the value chain as we have been able to push back the concept of
natural mortality and nature’s purgatory forces thru dramatic advances in
medicine. We can travel faster than our own natural speeds and above all have put
another billion species in peril by uncontrolled procreation and taking over
the space of others.
Introspection can continue to happen
to reflect on our alleged pace of futile progress, the fact also remains that Corona
is just a blip in the history of mankind. The planet has been plagued by
multitude of vicissitudes over centuries and the fittest have always survived.
The Malthusian Theory of Population and food growth is likely to self-correct
the populations over long period of time and while we may continue to call this
China Virus or whatever, the humanity has brought this upon itself and this is
likely to disappear as rapidly as it emerged and created a havoc.
Not only are some of our nations
dogmatic and doctrinated – the ones that have taken it upon themselves to cleanse
this planet on basis of ethnicity starting from Hitler or Saddam etc but even
Homo Sapiens are being cleansed by the planet and its forces – Call it God,
Nature or whatever and that’s how time will be reset and excesses in the name
of progress will be deflated to maintain the equilibrium of this planet. In
economic terms it’s called reversion to mean.
So while everyone around us is
calling out this outlier event to be a doomsday, and hypothetically even if it
was to wipe out majority of the entire human race, it would still be a blip in
the 4 billion years of the planets probable history.
  1. We have very little
    control on how the planet / mother earth operates and reacts
  2. The fittest will survive
    and thrive
  3. Momentary setbacks cannot
    be allowed to convert temporary pain – permanent
  4. The economic sudden stop
    is brutal but is still temporary
  5. The naysayers will be
    taken by surprise and trapped the moment Mr. Corona disappears – which it will
  6. Progress is the only
    constant – Keep moving, learning and improvising
  7. The old processes,
    traditions and beliefs will become irrelevant – humans and corporations will be
    required to be more nimble and dextrous.
  8. As we see that everything
    self-corrects, excesses by us humans will stand corrected and everything will
    revert to mean
  9. If adversity strikes and
    kills you – you are lucky – but if you survive – make sure You definitely
    emerge a winner on the other side (the meaning of winning will differ for
    different people)
  10. The lockdown is a God-sent
    opportunity to appreciate silence, chirping of birds, respect the things that
    you wouldn’t / couldn’t give a damn about
  11. Acknowledge that you
    really need very little for a contended life
  12. Be conscious of an
    apocalypse to make you humble – but be hopeful that that might never happen
  13. Treat your employer as
    your God – remember he is underwriting all risks
  14. Step out into Ur balcony
    and breathe consciously- appreciate that Oxygen available isn’t to be taken for
  15. Find time to forgive or
    seek forgiveness – its liberating
  16. Opportunities to learn, invest,
    evolve only show up in adverse times – don’t miss these
  17. At the end of each day try
    and be a shade wiser thru personal experiences or learnings from others – so
    Read Read and Read even more
  18. Be soft on yourself by
    judging yourself on the measure of your intent, conduct and character and not
    the car you drive or the ‘zeroes’ in your bank accounts
  19. Treat others as you would
    like yourself to be treated
  20. Believe in “This too shall

And lastly

Remember that all the successes and failures of
yesterday concern us no more and all the unknowns of tomorrow concern us not
yet. So….
Get busy livin’ or get
busy dyin’

Because this Corona is temporary but the power
of human resilience and resolve is permanent.

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Manu Rishi Guptha

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