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A lot of people have been asking us to provide the list of stocks suggested in past 12 months.

Yeah we do have the same updated with latest prices everyday but the reason we are not sharing the same is because providing the list of the companies in the table format kills our entire purpose. We at darkhorsestocks want people to do their own research. We are not stock advisors .

On getting a list what people normally would do is check the price suggested along gain or loss and will take decisions solely based on that instead of going through the entire report, reading about the company, business, finances etc.

In each report we do mention the price at which we had suggested the stock so that user can check the same with current price and high or low the stock has made post suggestion which would again provide an idea about the price movements of the stock.

Thus as a result we are not providing the list.

Meanwhile we are also working on a customised dashboard which would show all daily darkhorsestocks suggested, daily losers and gainers along with over all gainers and losers and many other statistics but it will take a while.

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You can fill all the darkhorsestocks suggested from the link below.

This is dedicated archives post containing all the companies suggested in darkhorsestocks.


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