My Favorite Quotes on Investing from the Indian Investing Community

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Whenever I search “Quotes on Investing” on Google, I rarely find any reference to Indian investors and financial thinkers. All I get is a list quoting either Warren Buffett or Charlie Munger. Ben Graham or Howard Marks. Or other globally renowned investors. 


Hardly the results show the quotes on investing by Lt. Shri Chandrakant Sampat or Bharat Shah. Vijay Kedia or Ashish Dhawan.


Taking that into account, I have collated my favorite quotes on investing from the Indian Investing Community in today’s post. Whether you are starting afresh or not, these quotes will surely help you shape your investing philosophy.


I hope you’ll enjoy reading them as much as I loved quoting them.


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Chase the story behind the stock, not the money on the table. The money will only make you rich. But the story will make you wealthy. In the long-term, my mantra for investing is: Invest like a Bull, Sit like a Bear, and watch like an Eagle.

– Vijay Kedia


De-bureaucratize the whole process of Foreign Direct Investments  (FDIs) with only one condition, the Multinationals who seek entry into this country must get themselves listed on the Indian bourses.

– Late Chandrakant Sampat


If you are saving Rs 10 lakh a year to retire rich, the way to do it is compounding and investing early. In your 30-year carrier, you could compound the money 10 times every three years, and the same Rs 10 lakh, which you are saving regularly, will become Rs 100 crore at the end of 30 years. But, it is easier said than done. If you understand compounding, then a big part of your battle to attain financial freedom has been won.

– Ramesh Damani, BSE Member


When you talk about long-term compounding, the compounding can happen only by the quality and if there is no quality, it will falter.

– Raamdeo Agrawal, Motilal Oswal


If you are alive 60 days from now, you will regret losing the equity opportunity of 2020.

– Basant Maheshwari, BM Equity Desk


Give your investments time to mature. Be patient for the World to discover your gems.

– Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, RaRe Enterprises


Lookout for stocks, sectors, and companies that are out of favor.

– Ashish Chugh, Hidden Gems


Journey to Excellence involves identifying the right things, at the right time, and to act upon them with the right way to achieve the desired measurable outcome.

– Bharat Shah, ASK Group


I learned that just because a stock doubles, it is not a reason to sell it.

– Ramesh Damani, BSE Member


You have to be quick, sharp, and make decisions with 80% of the information you have, which then gets tested by the market. In five years, you find out whether you are right or wrong.

– Ashish Dhawan, Chrys Capital


When everything around you is falling like nine pins, you need 2 things:

99% of people who qualify in #1 fail in #2. I am amongst the special ones who qualify in #2 but fail in #1.

Utsav Shrivastava, Equity Investor


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Such times again remind us of some basic but key personal finance things. Expenses are forever, income may not remain forever. Living below your means helps. Forever !!!

Amit Gadre, Equity Investor 


The beauty of Indian Stock Markets is that a person like me who has no Background/Education in Finance can also create wealth by patiently & consistently investing in progressive businesses without price bias. Anyone who Believes – Can !!!

Fundamental Investor, Equity Investor Retired at 33


If you buy an equity share at 175 hoping that it will go to 350 in 6 years, you may be right, but be ready to see it at 120 before you see 350!!

PV Subramanyam, Author of Retire Rich


When it comes to buying something for the little boy, buy something of utility that does not cost much – a fancy pencil, a colorful eraser.

– Balaji Thotadri, CFO at Talent Edge


We need to go beyond reading books. Read it, understand the content, implement the idea, fight with the conviction, and make our hands dirty.

Venkatesh Jayaraman, Equity Investor & Personal Finance Teacher


When the long term is a friend and short term an enemy, stick to your friend.

Safir Anand, Growth Investor

If you can enjoy Saturdays and Sundays without looking at stock prices, give it a try on weekdays.

Vishnu, MJK Investments


We cannot reiterate or stress on the importance and ease of starting a passive income journey in these times.

Prateek Goel, Investeek



Good IQ + Better discipline = Best investing success recipe

Abhijit Chokshi, Stockifi


Investors make most money not by buying in a bull market or selling in a bear market. But by waiting after a business is bought at the right price.

Ankit Kanodia, Smart Sync Services


Momentum pips value-investing in the age of shorter market cycles. 

– Pravin Palande, Author & Financial Journalist at ET Prime


Go for quality stocks and leaders with strong balance sheets that are available in the large and large midcap space.

– Vikaas M Sachdeva, EKMAY Investments


The higher the market opportunity, the lesser is the concern about division on the basis of small-cap and large-cap; the higher the growth visibility. The longer I can see the growth’s endurance, the lesser is the intolerance towards price-based value buys.

Geordie, Entrepreneur & Equity Investor


In personal finance, prescription has to be personal. One size fits all may be dangerous. Rebalancing should happen as per goal viz horizon and required corpus.

Vinayak Sapre, Financial Author and Speaker


What we want: 1+1+1+1+1+1+1 = 7

What market delivers: 1+2+4-3-2+0+5 = 7

D. Muthukrishnan, Value Investor


In the down cycle, you Learn. In the up cycle, you earn!

Saket Lohia, Value Investor


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For the young generation of investors who are experiencing the pain of this type for the first time: Endure it. Once you experience and survive 440V shocks (market-wide down circuits) a few times, these minor 220V ones (5% declines) won’t hurt so much anymore.

Professor Sanjay Bakshi, MDI Gurgaon


The only one who is following social distancing during these COVID times is the stock market index from the underlying fundamentals!

Aditya Kondawar, JST Investments


The job of company management is to sound bullish all the time. It does not mean you have to believe everything they say!

Aditya Shah, Hercules Advisors


Interesting to see investors making predictions on altered consumer behavior post COVID which even managements of companies they have invested in have no clue about.

Gordon D’Souza, Equity Investor


The best of the best (Softbank) does not know the value of a business (WeWork) until a downturn hits. DCF valuations are mere hope and euphoria.

– Ritesh, Equity Investor


My two multi-baggers have been my Grand-Dad & Dad who started investing way back in the 1970s.

Pankaj Baid, Senior Consultant – McKinsey


People feel morally right while investing in real estate compared to the stock market (read gambling for many). Hence, people take more risk than warranted in real estate.

Shailesh Naik, Equity Investor


Extreme Optimism is when even a Paan/Tea vendor doesn’t care abt any risk in the stock market. Extreme Pessimism is when even a good stock expert doesn’t care about any opportunity in the stock market. This usually happens on the top and bottom of bull & bear markets.

R.K., IPO Mantra


Do you really believe that every single day we can come up with a great investing idea which is unique and contrarian ? Highly unlikely.

– Ravichand, Stock and Ladder


Talk to everyone who is a part of the company’s ecosystem. Match whatever is there on a company’s balance with on-ground realities.

Ghanisht Nagpal, Co-Founder – FinMedium


Each and every rising stock appears to be a multi-bagger. People remember fundamentals only when a stock starts falling.

Atul Singh, Equity Investor


With more people at home, there are more wannabe traders, and that demand has generated more experts who come up with ways to make money in markets regardless of what the market itself is doing.

Prashanth Krish, Momentum Investor


We underestimate our risk appetite during falling market cycles and overestimate it during bull cycles. This reflects in our investing decisions made during such cycles and they hurt us once cycle changes.

The MF Guy, CA & Mutual Fund Expert


The best of returns in stock comes when there is nothing much negative left to happen provided management and books are clean.

Saurabh Kumar, Equity Investor


If markets are forward-looking then what’s the importance of Q4FY20? Shouldn’t you be worried about Q1FY21, Q2FY21? If prices of stocks are going up on past performance, be certain they have to go down on future earnings too.

NS Fidai, Trainer & Technical Analyst


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It takes a lot of depth to make things simpler than what they can otherwise seem!

Prakash Diwan, Market Analyst


One of the key metrics to look for is the “understanding ratio”. This is simply the number of analysts who truly understand the business. The lower this ratio the better.

Sajal Kapoor, Unseen Value


In the past few days I have realized that in all WhatsApp investing-related groups, there are a huge number of medical experts, virology experts, naturopathy experts, Ayurveda experts, and even a few astrology experts. I am blessed.

Neeraj Marathe, Value Investor


20% of your winners in the portfolio will give extreme returns. But if you don’t ride winners and book early profits, the remaining duds in your portfolio will keep dragging the portfolio performance.

Vivek Mashrani, Techno-Funda Investor


Trees don’t grow up to the sky.

MVP, My Value Picks


Companies with strong corporate governance survive & thrive. Catch them when they are surviving. You’ll reap the benefits when they are thriving.



Why are you investing in a particular business? Would you like to do the same business if you had sufficient financial resources? If not, it may not be worth it.
– Amit Gupta, Adroit Financial Capital



Start saving small, if you don’t.
– Larissa Fernand, Financial Editor at Morningstar



20% CAGR in 20 years > 50% returns in a year.
– Vivek, Equity Investor



The objective of your portfolio shouldn’t be to be the best in the world. But simply to fulfill your real financial goals.
– Dev Ashish, Stable Investor



A few years down the line, when you see good returns from equities, you will think making money is easy. Remember those returns are made by those who invest now and you know how painful it is. Whether you invest or not, do remember – It is simple but never easy!
– Arun Kumar, Eighty Twenty Investor



As an investor, I do not need complex instruments to grow wealth. Simple and easy to execute processes that can be consistently followed will do the trick. Simple and consistent are the keywords.
– Mahesh, Mutual Fund Expert



Value fades away if the business survival comes into doubt.
Pankaj Singhal, AnyBodyCanFly



That’s all my dear friends. Thanks for reading 🙂


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