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Compounding is really the eighth wonder of the world.

Compounding works everywhere. All you need is a perspective.

Negative compounding is dangerous.

Minimalism and frugality are underrated. 

Everyone must be financially free. There will never be a disgruntled employee.

You can survive on two meals a day.

Money is not everything. But you need money to have this opinion.

It’s ok to not have ambitions. Life is more peaceful.

All you need to do focus everyday is on making your life better.

Spending money on weddings is overrated.

Desires play with your mind. There is one less thing to bother in a life with no desire.

There is no correct answer to how much money is enough. It’s relative to your state of life.

Spending time with parents should be a priority. You never know when it might be your last meal with them.

Introversion is a thing. I am proud to say that I am an introvert.

Corporate life sucks. Entrepreneurship should be taken up as projects in school.

Do not have kids if you cannot take the responsibility of a parent. Learn parenting. It’s a skill.

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Create jobs. Even if it means hiring a house-help. Pay them well.

Never haggle with street vendors. You are signalling the wrong things. 

Never borrow money. Repaying is really hard.

Never take favours. You will always owe one.

Don’t taste luxury. Make it your greatest enemy.

Learn to read and write. They are your greatest assets.

Don’t expect. Even if it’s family.

Exercise everyday. Eat in a fixed window.

Don’t speak until it adds value. But don’t forget to have fun.

Even if one applies 10% of what they read, they’ll be a different person.

Dont be stuck in a job for life. 

Travel slowly. You wont get an award for being to all the countries. No one is wating at the end with an award.

Create multiple sources of income. Keep trying until you succeed.

Death is the ultimate equaliser.

You cannot predict the future.

Personal finance, money, fitness, diet, stress management are skills one should learn.

Your parents are mostly wrong. Listen to them but do what you feel is right.

Thinking in probablity works. Mostly.

You’re a fool if you don’t reflect at your past failures and learn.

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