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About the Company 


Amber  Enterprise  is  mainly  engaged  in  designing  and  manufacturing of  room air  conditioners  (RAC)  in  India. The company manufactures Indoor Units, Outdoor Units, Splits, Inverter and Window Air Conditioners. It also manufacture RAC and non RAC components to become a one stop solution provider for the RAC industry in India. It is  the  market leader  in  the  RAC  OEM/ODM  industry  with  a  market  share  of 55%  in terms  of  volume.  Further,  its  overall  share  in  RAC  market  in  India,  in terms  of  volume is   ~20% as  in  FY  19 . 


Please find the below mentioned link for a detailed understanding of the company. 

The Investing Tales- Amber Enterprise India Ltd.


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