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I know I’ve promised to mail only once a week, but I have two major announcements to make!

I’m hosting a live Q&A with Vivek Kaul tomorrow! 🤓

Readers of Bank on Basak have read the recent book review that I posted authored by this person.

But I understand.

Not everyone has the time to read an entire book. For those, I’m bringing you the author himself to ask ANY doubt that you might have on the banking sector’s most important problem. Although the discussion will revolve around the theme mentioned in the poster, the Q&A segment at the end would be reserved for your specific questions.

It’s happening TOMORROW. 5PM. Don’t miss. Register by clicking here.

Bank on Basak crossed 1000 subscribers yesterday. For some reason, it’s growing at a crazy rate. At the time of writing this, it already added another 160.

Thank you for all the love that you’ve shown this tiny newsletter! It wouldn’t have been possible without your support! 🙏🏽

Keep reading! Share with all the nerds and bankers in your network! Keep mailing me with your thoughts and suggestions!

See you tomorrow! 🙂

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I’m available at [email protected]

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Anirudha Basak

Anirudha Basak

Anirudha is immensely passionate about finance, economy, businesses, personal finance, and of course, banking. He has an MBA in Finance from XIMB.
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