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This is just a click-bait. I am going to talk about something else.

First of all, let’s understand the risk in becoming a doctor. A driver starts his career at age 18 when he gets his license.

A doctor starts training /education to be a doctor at the age of 18 and goes on for 15 years – MBBS, MS, MD -so he is 33 years by the time he starts earning his “fees”. Yes, even before that he is paid some “stipend” – but that covers his expenses, so I would not deem it as an income.

Now, for a middle-class family, this is a HUGE RISK. The boy or girl has to be academically superior (the number of seats for upper-caste children is abysmally low), physically very fit, mentally superior, and willing to sacrifice the best 15 years of his/her life, and be willing to spend a fortune of their money. This is not easy, and neither is this compensated for.

Of course, if I were running a medical college I would be able to tell you how expensive it is to run it, and how my fees are justified. In fact, doctors pay back to society in terms of service far more than what other professionals pay. Have you heard of “community service” by lawyers, actors, chartered accountants….?

I have still not come to today’s topic. That is “pricing by hospitals”. Most of our population want 5-star service, excellent infra, trained staff. Even more importantly, doctors do not decide on the pricing in hospitals.

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Here is the feedback from a doctor.

I’m sorry to make an unasked for comment. Apologies in advance if what I’ve written offends anyone’s delicate sensibilities.
I’d like to bring a few facts to public notice. Doctors do not decide the payment structure and policies of hospitals. They are paid a fixed retainer every month. The policies and the charges are decided by the corporates or the management of the hospital which might or might not consist of people who have anything to do with the medical profession directly.

I’m greatly saddened to inform you that even doctors are being exploited for our skills. The sad, slow but sure demise of private nursing homes because of political and corporate conniving has resulted in a very wide chasm between treatment rates and the man with less money hasn’t any options left. But making doctors the scapegoat is not the answer by any length of imagination.

Furthermore, more than giving moralistic lessons to doctors, my humble suggestion is that we need to focus on the things that we all are supposed to do right. And when we’re sure that there’s not A SINGLE MORE thing that we can do better/more correctly, only then can we even think about starting to delve into issues about which we have but very less knowledge. My sincere request to not propagate such blatantly misguiding material which .I’d be grateful if my request were to be heeded. Thanks. Have a good day, everyone.

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One more thing I’d like to express is that it was Doctors’ day on the 1st of July. I do not know how many people were even aware of it.
We are working relentlessly in known risk scenarios. And shall keep doing so, whether we’re thanked or are beaten to a pulp even for no fault of ours. 
This just goes on to show how the corrupt media has influenced and polluted the general opinion about our fraternity. Doctors are the softest targets for extortion from all sides as they neither constitute a very large vote bank nor do they honestly know how to retaliate. The very sad fact that there is negligible unity amongst us doesn’t help much, either. 
When it comes to teaching them lessons, it’s obviously the easiest thing to do. 
Whoever has said it has said very well, “No good deed in this world goes unpunished.”

I am really very saddened that this seems, also, to be the case when it comes to the very place that I happen to stay in.

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