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Hey everyone! Its great to be guest posting here. I’m Robbie and I’m a personal finance blogger over at EAT Money. There I focus on growing the income at your day job and tracking your spending with the goal of investing the gap.

I write on topics such as budgeting groceries for one person or is an MBA worth it that are based on my experiences of increasing my net worth by 400k over 9 years.

A huge part of my success to date has been getting better every day as an individual. Most people overlook getting better because, lets face it, life can get pretty busy at times. Between work, family, bills, your job, I mean the list goes on and on.

Creating a better version of yourself each and every day allows you to stay sharp and be ready when new opportunities present themselves. In this post I’ll share what I’ve learned on the topic of investing in yourself.

The Importance Of Investing In Yourself

Investing in yourself is something that I don’t see enough of. It’s hard to believe but those of us that want to get better every day are in the minority.

It took me a couple years of working in the real world before I realized that a lot of people are ok with just living life without having big dreams and chasing them.

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My response to that?


It means thats one more reason why I’ll stand out from the crowd. One more reason why, even when I’m just doing what I feel called to do, will look like the overachiever or go getter.

Investing in yourself is unbelievably important. One of my biggest fears is being later in life looking back on what I had done with my gift of time and realized that I squandered it.

Thats why I dream big dreams and chase them. As I write this I’m 31 years old. The things that I’m doing now could never have been achieved by my 22 year old self. Whats the difference between those two versions of myself?

The 240 books I’ve read.

Probably something like 5,000 podcast episodes I’ve listened to.

The grind of getting an MBA.

2 years of trying to grow a blog.

Experiencing an Echelon Front Muster.

I have done all of those things while mixing in almost a decade of marriage and two children. Each of those items I just listed are things I’ve experienced and things that I’ve made time for. It didn’t happen by accident.

I choose to go into each day with a purpose.

What Areas Of Life Can You Invest In?

The biggest mistake most people make when they do start investing in themselves is they automatically assume these investments have to be career or income related.

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That assumption couldn’t be further from the truth. I believe you should invest in whatever area you want (and probably need) to see the biggest change in.

Because life isn’t just about making money its important to look at all areas of your life. In the past I’ve evaluated these different areas:

  • physical health
  • emotional health
  • relationships with others and myself
  • income potential
  • side hustles
  • intellectual health
  • spiritual health

Possible Ways To Invest In Yourself

When someone has identified an area of life they’d like to invest in they tend to look at what others are doing. I believe thats a great approach but oftentimes what other aren’t doing don’t quite hit the nail on the head like they want to.

Also, most people believe that the only way to invest in yourself is through money. The one they forget about is investing in yourself with time.

For instance, if you need to work on your relationship with yourself a great solution would be to carve out fifteen minutes every morning to journal.

There are all sorts of ways to invest in yourself. Maybe you need to hire a coach? Maybe a therapist? Maybe you just need to purchase that online class?

The only thing I’d recommend is that that investment be as incremental as you can make it. This will allow you to keep your investment small and see how the results pan out. If the results look great then invest more!

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How I Invest In Myself

Over the years I’ve invested in myself in different ways. I’ve purchased journal after journal and carved out time to write. I’ve purchased countless audio and kindle books to learn from.

I’ve purchased apps to help me track habits to dive deep into meditation.

To help me become a leader I’m currently a part of Jocko Willink’s EF Online. To help me achieve my side hustle ambitions I’m currently a part of Online Impact.

Over the course of several years I’ve invested ~$1,000 to build out a home gym to allow me to stay physically fit.

The biggest piece of advice I can give you is to start small and start with one thing. Choose a single area you’d like to improve and make an investment in the area and that area alone.

Good luck on your journey!

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