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across disciplines is one of the best ways to improve our investment acumen.
Here is a summary of some of the best articles I read this week.

I especially try to not post Corona related articles as that is all
one gets to read in all traditional media.


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The Unsung Hero

Please read this. It
is the story of an unsung hero who has left an indelible mark in the world with
his contributions.


Meditation changes your

As science begins to
dig into the long-term impacts meditation has on the brain, researchers are
turning to the minds “Olympic-level” meditators for answers—people who have
done up to 62,000 hours of meditation in their lifetime.

Davidson found their
brainwaves showed never-before-seen levels of gamma, one of the strongest types
of brain waves,  theorized to appear when
the different regions of the brain harmonize.

The typical person
will have a gamma wave very briefly, for example when we’ve solved a problem
we’ve been grappling with, and for a second all of our sensory inputs come
together in harmony. The brainwaves of long-term meditators, however, show
gamma all the time as a lasting trait, no matter what they are doing. “It’s
their everyday state of mind,” says Goleman. “Science has never seen this

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China’s ballooning debt

An Institute of
International Finance report published in May 2020 suggested that China is now
the world’s largest creditor to low income countries, with China’s outstanding
debt claims on the rest of the world having risen from US$875 billion in 2004
to over US$5.5 trillion in 2019 – more than 6 per cent of global gross domestic
product (GDP). The Institute of International Finance (IFF) estimated that
China’s total domestic debt hit 317 per cent of gross domestic product (GDP) in
the first quarter of 2020, up from 300 per cent in the last quarter of 2019 –
the largest quarterly increase on record. China’s consumer debt is the fastest
growing segment of overall debt, particularly in the form of mortgage and
consumer loans. Household debt rose to 54.3 per cent of China’s GDP in the last
quarter of 2019 compared to 51.4 per cent in the last quarter of 2018.


From Rags to Riches

Few consumers,
anywhere, have heard of the wiping-rag industry. But it bails out everyone.
Approximately 30% of the textiles recovered for recycling in the U.S. are
converted to wiping rags. And that’s probably an undercount. The 45% of
recycled textiles that are reused as apparel eventually wear out, too. When
they do, they’re also bound for the wiping-rag companies. Nobody counts the
number of wiping rags manufactured in the U.S. and elsewhere every year. But
anyone who knows the industry acknowledges that the numbers are in the many
billions—and growing. The oil and gas industry, with its network of pipes and
valves, requires hundreds of millions of rags per year to wipe leaks,
lubricants, and hands. Hotels, bars, and restaurants need billions of rags to
clean glasses, tabletops, and railings. Painters need them for spills and
drips. If these businesses can’t reuse clothes and sheets, they’ll opt for
disposable paper towels, synthetic wipes, and new cloth rags, complete with all
their environmental and financial costs.

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An Introduction to Booneisms

From walking off my
first job to start my first company to closing down Mesa Petroleum and to
opening up my own hedge fund at 68, it’s three quarters of my life laid bare.

The book is built
around little bits of advice I’ve been known to give over the years. At some
point, family, friends and staff began writing them down and they became their
own genre, now known as “Booneisms.” Many of them are about life and
leadership, and other lessons I’ve learned through my ups and downs over 90

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Basumallick is the Head of the equity advisory for long term wealth
creation and a pure quant focused newsletter at The blog posts should not be
construed as investment advice. Please do your own due diligence before

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Abhishek Basumallick

Abhishek Basumallick

Abhishek Basumallick is the Head of the equity advisory for long term wealth creation.
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