Jeff Bezos on Business and Stock Market – Arthvigyan

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Jeff Bezos on Business and Stock Market – Arthvigyan

  • In the short run the stock market is a voting machine in the long run it’s a weighing machine and what you need to do is operate your company in such a way knowing that it will be weighed one day and just let it be weighed and never spend any time thinking about the daily stock price


  • I’ve seen small things get big and it is part of this day one mentality that I like treating things as if they’re small. You know Amazon even though it is a large company I want it to have the heart and spirit of a small one


  • I believe in the power of wandering. All of my best decisions in business and in life have been made with heart, intuition, guts, you know, not an analysis. When you can make a decision with analysis you should do so but it turns out in life that your most important decisions are always made with instinct, intuition, heart
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  • The number one thing that has made us successful by far is obsessive-compulsive focus on the customer as opposed to obsession over the competitor


  • Most of our regrets are acts of omission they’re things we didn’t try, it’s the path untraveled. Those are the things that haunt us well


  • The stock is not the company and the company is not the stock. And so as I watched the stock fall from a hundred and thirteen to six. I was also watching all of our internal business metrics – number of customers profit per unit, you know everything you can imagine “defects” etc. Every single thing about the business was getting better and fast and so as the stock price was going the wrong way everything inside the company was going the right way. Also we didn’t need to go back to the capital markets we didn’t need more money, we already had the money we needed so we just needed to continue to progress


  • I’m always trying to figure out one thing that is a person a missionary or a mercenary. The mercenaries are trying to flip their stock, the missionaries love their product or their service and love their customer and try to build a great service. By the way the great paradox here is that it’s usually the missionaries who make more money and you can tell really quickly just by talking to people
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