Reliance Industries continues to be India’s largest and most progressive company…

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Reliance Industries continues to be India’s largest and most progressive company. Their financial results are watched by tens of competitors in the various segments as one small move by Reliance can have a huge bearing on entire industries. While refining and petrochemicals continue to lead the way, digital services are a high growth contributor to the bottom-line, with Mukesh Ambani betting high on Jio’s potential to lead India’s big digital leap for a long time. The company has become net debt free now, giving flexibility to stretch the rivals further with the heavy bank balance, and with Jio looking like the “big idea” for the foreseeable future, the revenue and profit mix can change a lot in the next 4-5 years itself. Financial services is now a separate operating segment, indicating Reliance’s plans to lever the huge user base and offer more financial solutions and perhaps offer an unprecedented mix of digital and financial services. Interesting times ahead for sure, as the (now richer than Warren Buffett) visionary Motabhai continues to lead the way.
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