Sarah Gilbert – The frontrunner for bringing reality to the Vaccine Hope for Covid – 19

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At the onset, I would like to thank Mr. Rajeev Poddar, my economics teacher who still hasn’t blocked my number given the countless calls I make to him on a weekly basis to discuss stocks, economy and life in general.

In an Instagram live session, Rajeev Sir (known to the world as knowledgecapsules) introduced us to Sarah Gilbert.

Sarah Who?

Well, imagine working on the hope of a billion people around the world to come out stronger from this pandemic.

While the entire world suddenly becomes an expert on economics, epidemiology and ‘how to handle a crisis’, there has been one person who has been sleeping everyday at 4 AM and waking up with all these questions and is actually working on a vaccine.

Now, we all know by now that developing a vaccine is not an easy affair, let alone a faster one.

Her approach is, it does not need to be full-proof. We just need to stop people from being sent to the hospital and in that process also make them stop dying.

In the interest of putting the money where the mouth is, Sarah has already initiated trials on her three 21-year old triplets in the month of April!

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While her research has always been top-notch, it is only now that the world now wants to write the biggest grant cheques.

Her e-mails always used to go unanswered when she had been seeking them for her earlier projects. Better late than never?

While Dr Anthony Fauci, director of the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) has suggested caution to put ‘frontrunner’ claims, at this point of time no one really knows how much data would be sufficient to get clearances from the regulators.

Read this fantastic piece by Stephanie written for Bloomberg to start your day.

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