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Illumina8, Issue no. 003 , 17 July 2020

“Being a successful investor you need to be hungry, intellectually curious, interested, read all the time. Read a lot of newspapers. You need a certain level of randomness in order to connect things that might give you an insight into where a business is going in five years that somebody else might not see.”

Ted Weschler

I always believed that a good investor should not just read annual reports, investing books and blogs. The reading material should be diverse to give a well rounded perspective and maybe an edge over fellow investors.

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In the first issue i shared curated investing stories and in the second issue i had written an original piece on the stock market & economy. Now in the third issue i have tried something new

Dear readers, I present to you an eclectic collection of stories worth reading . Stories range from the rise and fall of Adobe to 10 types of European Bread. Hope you will enjoy this.

Lets dive in.

  • First up is the fascinating story of the rise and fall of Adobe Flash. After 25 years Flash is nearing its end and Adobe will sunset the player in December 2020. (arstechnica)

  • Buffett famously quipped that if past knowledge was all there to the game then librarians would be rich. Here is another take on why economic professors are not rich ( Medium )

  • Next up is an interesting story of how Elon Musk aims to revolutionize battery technology. Gigantic batteries connected to our electricity grids are going to be central to the great renewable energy revolution ( BBC )

  • The story of mysterious hermit, Eugene Brown is poignant. He never married or had children, and he spent his last 39 years alone, mostly inside his 810-square-foot house. He clocked fewer than 2,500 miles per year in his truck.

    He didn’t have credit cards, he wasn’t online, and his two major purchases—his home and his Ford truck—were made in the 1970s and ’80s . Brown didn’t leave a will, but he did leave some money – roughly $2.7 million. ( Bloomberg)

  • Bread is an integral part of our lives. The humble bread comes in many forms and shapes. Here is a mouth watering tale of 10 types of European breads and their local history ( AFAR )

  • Like many other white-collar tech workers in the US, most of Amazon’s corporate employees have been able to work from home. Meanwhile, Amazon’s warehouse employees, who have historically been more racially diverse than its corporate employees, have to show up in person.

    And as millions of other Americans have lost their jobs and are struggling to afford necessities, Amazon and companies like it are reaping record sales and hiring hundreds of thousands workers to staff their facilities, deliver products, and risk exposure to a virus that’s already killed more than 125,000 people in the US as of late June ( recode )

  • Many of you know that I am active on Twitter and this week i tweeted something which got around 1200 likes and 150 retweets. The meaning is deep. Think.

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Keep reading , Happy Investing !!!

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