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In year 2012 , while reading a Facebook comment intrigued me. The person made a statement, HDFCBANK doubles every 4 years.

Well, India lost in the semi finals of the 2019 world-cup. No matter what actions you take, one must wait until 2023 for another chance to claim the world-cup.

My profile would hint that we are in the profession of wealth creation, for Demat account holders. We buy HDFCBANK like crazy for all our investors in their own Demat account. Then, unlike mutual funds , an demat account owner can collateralize this equity holding inorder to generate 20 % additional return per annum, from derivatives strategy.

If you invest a certain capital today and exit the investment during next world cup?

4 years down the lane, HDFCBANK has been giving more than 100% returns since 1999 world cup.

The above table shows ; what was the stock price of HDFCBANK as on January 1st of each year when world cup was conducted.

Evidently, every 4 years, HDFCBANK is a doubler of wealth. To grasp the seriousness of this , lets talk this in terms of rupees.

Lets assume your Dad invested 1 lac in HDFCBANK in year 1999.

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Its been 5 world cups & 20 years since 1999.

That 1 lac invested in 1999 is worth 1.92 crore today.

Am in this journey of investment in HDFCBANK since 2013 .Accumulating & Parking alot of my own capital into HDFCBANK.

We all are aware , investing in stocks is not a game of guarantee. Forecasting price action usually seems like an act of foolishness. However, against the odds, we would like to make a forecast for next world cup of 2023.

HDFCBANK is worth 6.52 Lac crore as on date of this post. If we are right, in next 4 years, HDFCBANK will be worth 13 Lac crore.

If you are upset that India lost 2019 world cup. I am sure our players cannot do anything but wait next 4 years for another chance.

Meanwhile why don’t you ensure your Networth is double of what it is today?

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