Abbott India – Annual Report Notes & Summary

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A subsidiary of Abbott Laboratories, Abbott India offers a broad portfolio of products in multiple therapies areas that help treat some of the most persistent health conditions  

Source; Annual Report

Key Business Areas

  1.  Women’s Health 
  2. Multi-Specialty 
  3. Gastroenterology 
  4. Central Nervous System 
  5. Metabolics 
  6. Vaccines 
  7. Consumer Health 

Shareholding Pattern

Source: Annual Report

Abbott India in numbers

  • 25.4% Increase In Cash Generated From Operations `
  • 4,208 Crore In Total Revenue
  • 9.3% Total Revenue Cagr Over Past 5 Years 
  • > 95% Of Local Manufacturing
  • 9,745 Kl Liquid Per Annum – Capacity At Our Plant
  • 2,257 Million Mio Tablets/ Annum – Capacity At Our Plant
  • 3,551 Permanent Employees 
  • 75 Leadership Filled Through Internal Talent Pipeline
  • 1,54,721 Man-Hours Of Training 
  • 21 New Products Launch In Last Year

Financial Numbers

Source: Annual Report

Management Discussion

India’s GDP growth has been the most phenomenal in the past decade regularly achieving annual growth of 6-7 percent. The rise in GDP is largely credited to factors including urbanization and improvement in the efficiency and the productivity of technologies.

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However, growth in India softened in 2019 as economic and regulatory uncertainty, together with concerns about the health of the non-banking the financial sector, weighed on demand. The GDP growth for financial year 2019-20 touched 4.2% vis-à-vis 6.1% in the financial year 2018-19, the COVID-19 pandemic further aggravating the slowdown from the end of the last quarter.

The Government of India and the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) have acted swiftly to help offset the pandemic-induced disruptions. 

Industry Overview

The healthcare environment has been dynamic and, at times, volatile. As per IQVIA, a leading global provider of information and research services in the medical sector, Indian Pharmaceutical Market (IPM) is estimated at ` 149,900 Crore in 2020, its growth up by 2% from 2019.

Acute therapies dominate IPM with 64% of the total sales; however, the chronic segment shows faster growth of 10.9% in comparison to 7.9% for acute therapies (3 year CAGR). The domestic pharmaceutical market is highly fragmented with the top 10 companies making up 43% of the share, and the top 150 companies accounting for 96% of share. Local players enjoy a dominant position, occupying 4 of the top 5 positions. 

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India is often referred to as the “pharmacy to the world”, ranking 3rd worldwide in total pharmaceutical production volume and 10th by value. As per National Indian Promotion Agency, it is the largest producer of generic medicines and vaccines, occupying 20% volume share in generics and 62% in vaccines.

Impact of Covid 19

The novel coronavirus continues to wreak havoc throughout the globe. It has forced millions across the world to remain locked down in their homes and caused businesses to either close down or realign operations.

The pharma industry has been energized by the fight against COVID-19 that has given an impetus to research for new drugs or vaccines, but industrial work has been greatly affected by the pandemic, primarily through the disruption of supply chains

There was no significant impact on the Company’s business operations. Manufacturing, supply chain, and distribution have substantially resumed to normal levels. The Company, its employees as well as its business partners remain committed and continue to ensure the uninterrupted supply of products to meet the needs of our customers. 

Abbott from 2010 to 2020

  • Total Revenue (Inclusive of excise duty/net of GST) –  1031 Cr —-> 4207 Cr 
  • Profit After Tax and Exceptional Items -60.94 Cr —>  592.93 Cr
  • Earning Per Share – Basic & Diluted in Rs – 44.65 rs —-> 279.94 Rs
  • Total Assets – 305 Cr —-> 2431.71 Cr 
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Not a single year de-growth, every year its having growth in last decade.

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