Don’t do these 12 things in the current markets

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  1. Don’t extrapolate last 5 months returns to the next 5 months.
  2. Don’t have your entire portfolio in equity. Diversify and be conservative.
  3. Don’t rush into mid and small caps. They give you the worst kind of rides.
  4. Don’t exit all your investments out of fear. It is mighty difficult to come back.
  5. Don’t bet on timing the market. Very few people are lucky to get that right.
  6. Don’t fall for fancy investment options with mention of words like guaranteed, assured, super profits, or any financial porn.
  7. Don’t watch TV channels about stock markets. They stir your emotions up into doing something that you might regret.
  8. Don’t do what your friends and family are doing. They have different needs and investing profile.
  9. Don’t let a portfolio make you lose sleep. Redo it in a way that while it works for you, it keeps you at peace.
  10. Don’t take an eye off the ball (your goals). Chasing goals and achieving them is far more rewarding than finding that elusive multi bagger.
  11. Don’t forget that equity is not your only investment, you have bonds, real estate, etc. in your portfolio too.
  12. Don’t forget… this is what the investing journey with equity looks like.
12 don'ts for the investor in current markets

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Vipin Khandelwal

Vipin Khandelwal

Vipin is a SEBI Registered Investment Adviser. He works with investors to make better decisions and create behaviour alpha.
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