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  • Whenever you write/share something that’s related to your career or field of interest, share it across all the social media platforms – Twitter, Facebook, Linked, WhatsApp, etc.
  • Let all your social media accounts have the same profile picture. It helps people remember you better.
  • Every person expects Money, Meaning and Happiness from his job. But no where in the employment contract do we see ‘Meaning’ and ‘Happiness’ being mentioned. An employment is more like an M&A wherein you give your time in return for money. Expecting all the three things out of one career/job wouldn’t really serve the purpose. Instead, we can have multiple careers at any given point.

David M Solomon, CEO and Chairman of Goldman Sachs, is also a DJ! Being the CEO of Goldman Sachs will definitely bring him money but being a DJ might be contributing to the rest.

  • Having different things mentioned in your LinkedIn bio really helps you brand yourself better since people from various domains can connect with you.
  • Speak at events and public forums. If you think you are not a good speaker, contribute articles to various institutes.
  • Win trust, because no one will give you an opportunity if you can’t be trusted. Three crucial elements that help us to win someone’s trust:
    • Being real and trustworthy – You can do this by letting people know some of your past, your weaknesses, your failures, etc. Because no one is successful at every point in their career.
  • And finally, one of the best ways to build your brand is to help other people. Networking in its true sense is not ‘Giving’ with an expectation of ‘Receiving’, rather it is ‘Giving unconditionally’. That is where genuine relationships are formed and its benefits emerge as by-products.
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Credits – CFA Institute webinar – “Brand Yourself to Attract Career Opportunities” by Eric Sim, CFA

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