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Illumina8, Issue no. 05, 7 Aug 2020

“Being a successful investor you need to be hungry, intellectually curious, interested, read all the time. Read a lot of newspapers. You need a certain level of randomness in order to connect things that might give you an insight into where a business is going in five years that somebody else might not see.”

– Ted Weschler

Things I found worth sharing this week :

A small group of short sellers, spurned investors, a former journalist, and an ex-prosecutor are intent on revealing large-scale fraud in China. (Institutional Investor)

Regular investors are piling into the stock market for the rush. Wall Street titans say they’re making a grave mistake, but it’s not so simple (Vox)

Stocks have been going up since late March. They have been following a pattern very similar to 2009: bottom in March, rally for two months, consolidate. In 2009, they then continued to go higher. What do I think? (Bill Miler)

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There is a strange dichotomy in the stock market right now. The market is painting large portions of industries with the same broad brush, and I think it’s creating investment opportunities. Anything related to software-as-a-service (SaaS) is deemed a future winner, while anything related to the physical world is toast. (Saber Capital)

Netflix’s once heavily guarded vault of secret statistics has slowly opened up over the last couple of years, a gradual juicy reveal of viewer habits with some major caveats. (Guardian)

How should a leader approach a challenge as unprecedented, volatile, and globally disruptive as the COVID-19 pandemic? As a learning experience. That’s the attitude of Rajnish Kumar, chairman of the State Bank of India (SBI).

The veteran banker, who joined SBI in an entry-level role four decades ago, is now tasked with leading India’s largest financial institution through an uncertainty that no organization had anticipated (Mckinsey)

Writer Josh Kaufman shares his own tried-and-tested technique to learn a new skill by putting in just 45 minutes a day for a month

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Ravichand @stocknladdr

” You cannot have a million dollar dream with a minimum wage work ethic ”

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Want to be a Millionaire ? Help yourself with good habits

#illumin8 #investographics

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