The Four Most Dangerous Words

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We discuss:

  • The unbelievable run in stocks to breakeven
  • Are shorter bear markets here to stay?
  • Is inflation finally here?
  • Why economic data points will be so hard to gauge in the coming months
  • The hardest problem in investing right now
  • Are today’s day traders any different from speculators of the past?
  • Which stocks do day traders buy the most?
  • How to tell when things really are different this time
  • Why investing is so hard
  • Being right for the wrong reasons
  • Is New York City in trouble?
  • Where are people moving to during this pandemic?
  • Why the real estate market is so difficult to handicap
  • Did the NBA solve our Covid testing problems?
  • Why more businesses are started during a downturn
  • Breaking into the asset management business and much more

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Ben Carlson
Ben Carlson (A Wealth of Common Sense) writes on wealth management, investments, financial markets, and investor psychology. He manages portfolios for institutions and individuals at Ritholtz Wealth Management LLC.
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