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We are glad to share that we have arrived on a 125 stock ratings milestone. Further, we are expanding our research into 100+ more stocks and Mutual funds and will keep publishing it on our channels. Do Subscribe here for our daily stock report and Join our Telegram Channel. Happy Investing!

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Here is Our Stock Ratings List

Stock Ratings based Classifications: 125 Stock ratings

5 star Investments ★ ★  ★ ★

4 star Investments ★ ★   

3 star Investments ★ ★   

2 star Investments ★ ★   

1 star Investments ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ 

About Us: 125 Stock ratings

We bring you the best-unbiased research into the fundamentals of more than 200+ stocks listed in India across the Large, Mid and Small-cap categories. If you are an investor and want to do your own due diligence before investing. This place is for you. Here you will find your next multi-bagger!

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(Note: All the research done by us is only for educational purposes and should not be seen as Investment recommendations. We are not a SEBI registered Investment Advisor. Our research completely reflects my personal opinions and not of my employers. Kindly do your own due diligence before Investing)

Stock ratings
125 Stock ratings

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Billion Dollar Valuation shares thorough research into the Fundamentals of the businesses listed in India. With their insightful write-ups, they uncover a lot on the table.
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