How Bournvita Became the Market Leader and Taste of Children?

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Today, Bournvita is the taste of children but not many know how Bournvita became the market leader. Bournvita, one of the most prominent brands of malted drinks, is manufactured by Cadbury, a subsidiary of Mondelez International.

Having explored and established in the markets of Europe and North America, Bournvita has also showcased effective brand establishment in India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Nigeria, Ghana, Benin, Togo, and South-Africa. It’s a pre-eminent brand claiming to provide nutrition at its best and intensive all-round growth and development. Bournvita is one of the ancient brands in the Malt Food industry with its intact heritage.

Bournvita’s venture in the Malt industry publicized and marketed as a health drink. Bournvita was created in the year 1920 in England.

Cream milk, fresh eggs, malt, and chocolate as the key contents, Bournvita stepped into the Australian market in 1933, beginning industrial manufacturing.

The name Bournvita has its origins associated with a village named Bourneville in England, whereby the factory of Cadbury was situated nearby. Embarking and spreading its roots in India, with its first step into the Indian market in 1948, Cadbury, the parent company also set its foot in the country in the same year.

Bournvita, throughout its journey, has reformed itself with regard to factors such as packaging, product, promotion, and distribution.

History of Bournvita in India

Cadbury Bournvita, launched in the year 1948, as a private limited company under the banner Cadbury-Fry (India). The forthcoming half-century saw Bournvita’s ever prevailing leadership in the industry, with the brand establishing itself as a symbol of thriving physical and mental health.

Bournvita History

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The firm gradually set up facilities. The ’60s saw the firm intensively involved in undertaking its responsibility in the progression and development of cocoa-growing in the country. A specific advisory service being established in 1964.

Alongside a cocoa research center with seeding nurseries and distribution centers.

With the onset of the 70s, the brand had seated itself as a product helping in a good upbringing. Relocating its arena to intelligence as well, in the ’80s, the brand developed a notion of overall development, focusing on the same in the ’90s. As the brand became one of the leading tier firms, newer competitors also emerged with the commencement of the 2000s.

The brown health food drink segment was encountering risks of stagnation due to lack of value addition. Bournvita then revolutionized its stance on the health platform. The brand utilized newer methods such as nutritional meters, endorsements, and other techniques to procure an elevated viewpoint in the market.

Bournvita’s Ideas to Lure the Indian Audience

Bournvita was crystal clear with its vision, is heavily focused on the targeted audience comprising of mothers and kids.

Addressing the major issue that the mothers faced- the soaring demand for a mix of flavors that is rich in nutrition as well. Bournvita kept on unveiling newer strategies to acquire a larger customer base, with time.

Its strategies had an approach of innovation combined with healthiness, in India. Offering a taste with providing mothers with a no-worry attitude.

Bournvita also launched lucrative offers like freebies and gifts with the purchases inculcating an attractiveness and a habit in children for the taste. Bournvita, in India offered 5-star magic with its chocolate-and-caramel flavor, the Bournvita++ with its additional nutritional levels.

As the company is owned by Cadbury so it always contains chocolate. From the start, they have maintained a signature texture and colour of their drink powder. The granular texture is very well popular and flavored.

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The strategic approach of Bournvita in India is quite unique. Focusing on specific age-groups from 5 to 16 years of age. It is targeting one of the biggest consumer groups in India. In this segment, the children give too much importance to taste and their parents give importance to health and Cadbury has addressed both the things very well.

For the packaging of Bournvita, glass jars are used that do not allow moisture to get in the product and increases its shelf life. Bournvita has never left any stone unturned to get the grip of its target audience, especially in India.

The brand has sustained over time and competition mainly because of its product’s quality and marketing strategies. It has got visibility due to its endeavors like Bournvita Confidence Academy (reality show), plastic mugs, and chess and other games under the name Bournvita, Bournvita Quiz contest hosted by Derek O’ Brien, Bournvita general knowledge books, etc.

Bournvita has strong competitors like Complan and Horlicks but still holds a strong position in the market. This made Bournvita a successful brand over the years.

Bournvita Campaigns

Gradually, they became the symbol of mental as well as physical health after their launching. After identifying the age segregation. Bournvita launched the products such as Cadbury Bournvita 5 star magic which comes with a unique flavor that includes essential minerals, iron, and vitamins C & D.

Another one is Cadbury Bournvita that consists of essential nutrients and helps in the development of bones and Cadbury Bournvita Li’l Champs which is generally for the young kids. It contains high-quality protein and DHA Omega 3.

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All this time they have revamped and redesigned themselves periodically. This brand believes that it is generally hard for children to change to any other brand if got used to the flavor. They also targeted the mothers of the kids for promotional activities as they are the actual buyers of the product.

Bournvita has promoted itself very widely and efficiently. It has invested heavily in product development, advertising, and sales promotion.

They have used all types of social media channels and campaigns to let the people know about the product and their properties. For the promotional show, they have been a part of a show named Cadbury Bournvita Quiz Contest.

They are also associated with a reality television show titled Bournvita Confidence Academy.

They have also associated with Cartoon Network through characters like Dexter’s and Powder-Puff girls. For different products, they got different ambassadors, for example, Kajol got to endorse the Cadbury Bournvita Li’l Champs.

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