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Mutual Funds offer more options than those offered by Darshini Hotels. While the main course could be Large Cap, Large Cap and Mid Cap, Mid Cap and Small Cap, the number of side dishes that are available under various names would put to shame a Andhra Thali

From Sector Funds to Focus Funds to Thematic Funds to what not, the choices are overwhelming resulting for most investors losing their appetite just trying to get the best they can get.

A Multi Cap Fund was on the other hand a simple Thali where the Chef decided what should be added and what should not. This made things simple enough for the customer that they flocked to him at the cost of most others. Biryani from being the main course was now shuffled to a side course.

The Hotel Regulator though was not pleased. After all, how could Biryani, a course in itself become just a side dish. While a Biryani eater could have chosen a Biryani in the first place instead of a Thali, the Regulator has decided that if you come to the hotel and aren’t able to make an appropriate choice, you should be served Biryani to the extent of 25% of your meal regardless of whether Biryani is where the Chef has expertise or not.

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Those who had Biryani all these years and stuck by the lack of demand by others though are very happy for there will be a new crowd of people who will now get Biryani and this should lift the spirits of Biryani which has seen its shine go down since 2018.

My own current meal I checked has 50% of its constituents being Biryani even though the Index I track has just 10%. This makes my meal superior given that now there will be a rush of Chefs trying to learn new tricks and what better than buying the Biryani I already own.

Chef’s are paid big money to ensure that they are able to please the customer. While Biryani was a favorite of earlier years, it is not now given the poor state of Rice that is available and even that in limited quantity. The question though is, should the chef worry about his clietle or worry about his Salary. 

A month or so ago, a famous Chef decided that he will close his door to all new clients since there was only so much good rice that was available. Citing “capacity constraints”, he decided that only those who had already come in would continue to get the famous Biryani he prepared. Others need to wait till the next time he opened the doors

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With his bulging stock of Biryani, I am sure he shall be happy that a rising tide lifts all existing Biryani already in the market and will make his clients even more happy. Even Biryani owners who have been stuck in quicksand and had been drowning slowly but surely over the last two years are happy and why not – finally they can say to their clients. Look, didn’t I tell you – Apna Time Ayega.

The question for those who don’t have as much Biryani as the regulator has ordered is simple. Should the hotel owner care for the taste and health of his clients or should care just about his income in which case, I am sure he will force-feed instant biryani to all those already present and unwilling to exit this hotel. Buying massive quantities of Biryani today will make some people happy, but in time, you should see a massive case of Indigestion as those who wish to get out find that there are no more buyers for their Biryani’s

 All characters and events in this publication are fictitious and any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

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Prashanth Krish

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