The Incredible Story of Boomer Chewing Gum

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Let’s recall one of the most treasured phases of our childhood when blowing chewing gums was a hobby many were tempted into and Boomer Chewing Gum set in just flawlessly.

Boomer Chewing Gum is one of the veteran gum brands existing in India. It was first formulated in 1995 by a Jayco, a Spanish confectionery giant. Wrigley, the world’s largest chewing gum producer felt an increasing demand and sales for the chewing gums worldwide.

Boomer Chewing Gum Sticker | Source: Redbubble

By signing an agreement they acquired certain confectionery businesses of Jayco company from privately held Spanish food conglomerate Agrolimen in early 2004.

Brands such as Boomer chewing gum, Pim Pom lollipop, and Salano candy became a part of Wrigley. One of the major highlights of the deal was Wrigley’s acquisition of the sales and production operations in China, India, and Spain, apart from smaller operations in France, Italy, and Poland, as well as Cafosa, Joyco’s gum base business brought leadership positions in these countries.

As part of the merger, the operations of Jayco India have been transferred to Wrigley India. In 2008, Mars acquired Wrigley for $23 billion, and then in October 2016, Mars also announced the merger with Wrigley rebranding itself as the Mars Wrigley confectionery.

BOOMER Chewing Gum – An Indelible Saga

Amidst the upscale mergers and acquisitions what remained persistent for Boomer until 2014 was its eccentric and modern advertising. Brands in the category splurged on roping in known faces and endorsing distinctive selling manifestos like sugar-free chewing gums.

Boomer Mascot with Elastic Legs | Source: Amazon

Boomer Chewing Gum originated a brand mascot for itself, whose recall value cannot be compromised until today. It is also evident that the Boomer Man character and fandom hailed it at the pinnacle position in the market by fairly targeting the 10-15 age group.

The animated character was showered with love from not only the children but the parents who adored him as much as the former.

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Unlike its rival like Perfetti Van Melle’s Big Babol, Boomer Chewing Gum had also created a character logo of Boomer Man and kept him as the brand mascot to lure in the attention of kids who thought that the Boomer Man is no one but a savior of the planet.

In the late 90s when the ‘Boom Boom Boomer’ Tune surfaced on the TV screens of millions of Indians, the Boomer fandom was quick to form and children- the bubblegum primary target audience- were glued to the idiot box whenever the ad jingle played its part.

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Boomer Man is regarded as one of the genius works in the Indian advertising history and marketing with a masot so strongly was not much of a backbreaking job for the brand.

Boomer man’s rubberiness not only provided imagery of the super stretchable Boomer gum but also his heroic image was newfangled and stimulating for the kids.

It was time kids saw something other than Shaktiman on TV. The brand utilized him in every way they could: TVCs showing him saving the day on various occasions, temporary boomer man tattoos, school, and stationery merchandise.

Variants like Boomer Splash, Boomer jelly and various other alternatives were launched in the market where Boomer was placed as the bubblegum which offered a great taste and gripping product forms.

Donning the competitive spirit, Boomer took on Cadbury’s eclairs in 2009 by launching Boomer Gumlairs which was a combination of bubblegum and chocolate. Sporting the tagline ‘Éclair ka Baap’, it was priced at Re1 and targeted at children in the 6-14 age group.

To support the launch, the company joined hands with Mudra (agency of record) to roll out a TVC while Mediacom handled the media responsibility for the brand. One thing remains, though- consumers across generations have loved the fruity bubblegum and its ad campaigns alike.

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The communication aimed at driving home the point of how blowing bubbles wasn’t only fun, but also ‘cool’ which wasn’t restricted to kids but the older adolescents too. Boomer Man’s superpowers added ‘fierce’ imagery of the brand.

In 2010, Boomer was advertising on IPL and had a consumer promo running called Boomer’s T20 Mania. At that time, the brand engaged with over 8 lakh consumers. Lakhs of T20 Mania gifts ranging from special IPL team sunglasses, wrist band watches to match tickets, etc. were up for grabs as part of this promotion.

In 2013, Thoda Khao Thoda Khelo was a key campaign when Boomer launched the Mango flavor in its already existing popular jelly flavors that is Orange, Watermelon, and Mixed Berry flavors. Boomer from the very inception partnered with channels/platforms/properties which were popular with its target group.

The Boomer campaign Phat Li came 6 years back in 2014 wherein, the brand engaged with the youth and took vibrancy to the next level. Boomer is also touted to have resuscitated the chewing gum market in India and in 2000 became the single largest brand in the segment with a market share of over 40%.

However, in 2015, Boomer is believed to have succumbed to the growing competition and constantly changing consumer taste and stopped advertising further.


To everyone’s surprise, Boomer returned in July 2020, though donning a new avatar and the unforgettable BOOM BOOM BOOMER tune in a series of new TVCs conceptualized by DDB Mudra.

The three TVCs capture the wacky and humorous essence of the brand, bringing to life the tag line, BOOM MACHA DE, through comical hyperboles.

With a common theme of exaggerated humor, which is stretched like bubblegum, each film is exuberant and hilarious and promises to make the viewers smile with the over-the-top reactions. Boomer has, over the years, become best-loved for our consumers in India.

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With this relaunch, they aim to build the gum category relevance for in-home consumption through the day, which also reflects in the execution of their films – morning, afternoon, and evenings.

The brand claims that the new take on Boomer is very contemporary and draws on exaggerated humor, which brings a smile to the audience’s face with its wackiness.

This theme is consistent with the new campaign, which also cues key consumption occasions for the category that is boredom, boosting confidence/ during workouts, and between meals.

On that note, to savor the nostalgia one more time repeat after me- BOOM BOOM BOOMER!

Thanks for reading. The content of this post has been written by Shrey Mahendra for FinMedium.

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