Top 6 Liquor Companies in India l Complete Analysis

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One of the leading sector in India is Liquor in terms of revenue. There are two types of alcohol market in India first one is Indian made Indian Liquor and Indian made foreign liquor. Let us understand what are the top leading Liquor companies in India.

The following are some of the top liquor companies in India.

1. United Spirits

United spirits founded in 1826 by Angus McDowell and it’s a subsidiary of Diageo. United spirit is the world second-largest spirits company in the world by volume. The company headquarter in Bengaluru. United spirits manufacture Scotch whisky, Indian whisky, brandy, rum, vodka, gin, and wine. Pioneer Distilleries Ltd., Bouvet Ladubay, are subsidiaries of the United spirits.

United Spirits: Know its Worth!

Pioneer Distilleries Ltd, Bouvet LadubayBalaji Distilleries Ltd, Tern Distilleries Private Limited, Sovereign Distilleries Limited, Mcdowell & Company (Scotland) Ltd, Royal Challengers Sports Pvt. Ltd, Shaw Wallace Overseas Limited, Palmer Investment Group Limited, Zelinka Limited, USL Holdings Ltd. Asian Opportunities & Investments Ltd, Liquidity, Inc, Montrose International SA, United Vintners Limited, United Spirits (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd, Consolidated Distillers, Inc, United Spirits Nepal Private Limited, United Spirits Singapore Trading Pvt Ltd, Carew Phipson Limited are some of the subsidiaries.

United spirits have more than 50 spirit brands. Bagpiper, Antiquity, Signature, Royal Challenge, DSP Black, McDowell’s Single Malt, McDowell’s No are some of the highest selling brands of united spirits.

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Market Cap (Rs. Cr.): 37,178.47

2. United Breweries

United Breweries incorporated in 1857 by Vittal Mallya. United breweries is one of the largest breweries company in India. Rishi Pardal is MD and CEO of United Breweries.

UBL to pay 18% GST on profit received from breweries, rules AAR - The  Financial Express

Mangalore Chemicals & Fertilizers, Kingfisher Finvest India Ltd, Kingfisher Training and Aviation Services Ltd, UB International Trading Ltd, UB Overseas Limited, UB Infrastructure Projects Ltd, United Breweries Of America Inc, and UB Electronic Instruments are subsidiaries of United Breweries.

The company headquarter in Bengaluru. United Breweries is one of the leading bear manufacturing companies in the world. The company has more than 60 countries business. United breweries also sell no alcoholic beers.

Kingfisher Premium, Kingfisher Strong, Kingfisher Ultra, Kingfisher Ultra Max, Kingfisher Ultra Witbier, Kingfisher Storm are some of the top beer brands of unite breweries.

Market Cap (Rs Cr.): 25,232.18

3. Radico Khaitan

Radico Khaitan is India’s fourth-largest liquor company in India which was established in 1943 by Dr. Lalit Khaitan. Abhishek Khaitan also one of the backbones of Radico Khaitan who created multiple unique brands like 8PM whiskey and Magic Moment.

Radico Khaitan 1Q FY 2019 - YouTube

Radico Khaitan manufactures industrial alcohol, Indian Made Foreign Liquor, country liquor, and fertilizers.  Rampur, Jaisalmer, 8 PM whiskey, Magic Moment, Pluton Bay,  Contessa Rum & Old Admiral Brandy are some of the most selling brands of the company. The company sells there products to Domestic, international, and in defense.

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Rampur Distillery and Diageo Radico Distilleries Private Limited are subsidiaries of radico khaitan.

Market Cap (Rs Cr.): 5,420.82

4. Globus Spirits

Globus Spirits established in 1992 by Mr. Ajay Kumar Swarup. Globus Spirits mainly deal in four segments Indian Made Indian Liquor (IMIL), Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL), IMFL Bottling, and Bulk Alcohol. In 2009 company launched there IPO. Globus Spirits headquarter located in New Delhi.

Countyclub, French Castle, Hannibal Legendary, White Lace, Nimboo, Narangi, Ghoomar, and Heer Ranjha are some of the brands of Globus Spirits.

Market Cap (Rs Cr.): 842.52

5. GM Breweries

GM Breweries established in 1981 by Jimmy William Almeida. GM Breweries is engaged in the activities of manufacturing and marketing of Alcoholic Beverages; such as Country Liquor (CL) and Indian-made Foreign Liquor (IMFL). GM Breweries headquarter in Mumbai.

Value Pick November '18: G.M.Breweries Limited, Update | FinBlab

G.M.DOCTOR, G.M.SANTRA, G.M.LIMBU PUNCH and G.M.DILBAHAR SOUNF are some of the brands of company.

Market Cap (Rs Cr.): 700.03

6. Associated Alcohols & Breweries Limited

Associated Alcohols & Breweries Limited established in 1989 by MR. Anand Kedia. Currently, the company has a presence in Delhi, and Madhya Pradesh, Pondicherry, Kerala, Goa, Maharashtra, and Chhattisgarh. The company is the leading supplier of country liquor in Madhya Pradesh. Vedant Energy Private Limited is a subsidiary of Associated Alcohols & Breweries Limited.

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License Brands – Associated Alcohols & Breweries Limited

Associated Alcohols & Breweries Limited revenue comes from three different segment In House Brands, Franchise Brands and License Brands. In house brands includes CENTRAL PROVINCE WHISKY, TITANIUM – TRIPLE DISTILLED VODKA, BOMBAY SPECIAL WHISKY, DESI MADIRA MASALA, SUPERMAN FINE WHISKY, JAMES MC GILL WHISKY and JAMAICAN MAGIC RUM.


Market Cap (Rs Cr.): 458.58

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