Watchlist 52- Insights from Q1FY21 Results and Investor Calls

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We, at Smart Sync Services, have been attending conference calls of listed companies for a long time.

From Q3FY19 onwards, we decided to make our notes on these calls available for our readers.

You can see all the updates of the last seven quarters here.

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From the last quarter (Q4FY20), we decided to compile all the notes in one single document.

You can find the Q4FY20 report here.



For Q1FY21, we have made another comprehensive 170+ page report which covers 52 companies across 18 sectors.

We hope it will add value to your research.

It helped us a great deal.

If you can’t see the embedded report, please click on the download report button.

Download Report

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Ankit Kanodia

Ankit Kanodia

Ankit is an MBA from Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar (XIMB) with 8 years experience of researching and investing in the stock market of India. He is a partner, investment advisor, and co-founder of Smart Sync Services.
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