What Does Cricket Teach Us About Investing?

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People often look for investing in those assets which give them both safety as well as higher returns. But this is not possible in reality. There should be a balance between both. Let’s take this situation with cricket. 

A professional cricket batsman would be one who has answers to almost all the deliveries that are bowled to him. This wouldn’t be the case with an amateur. Pros have control of the bat and can play a shot they wish to. Out of the blue deliveries may trouble the batsman for a while but he has the power to stop the ball. Taking unnecessary risks may not always or most of the time give expected results. Though luck plays an important role for those who take risks. 

The game is to those who can be consistent over the years. Know when to take a risk and when to be defensive. The same is the case with investments. When the going gets tough, Pros will look to take controlled risk while an amateur will look to take very risky runs and may even lose his wicket in a tense situation. 

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One should idolize a cricketer like Rahul Dravid or Steven Smith of test cricket as Investing is a long game. One needs to be consistent without too many ups and downs. You have a choice between Rahul Dravid or Chris Gayle, one can give you consistent good returns while the other may sometimes give you access returns or may give heavy losses to you. 

Only with experience and ample knowledge can a batsman be a pro and an investor be better at understanding the present environment that he is in. If one keeps playing safe all the time, he may end on the losing side and will have to be satisfied with nominal returns in a bullish market as well. 

The strong investors are those whose portfolios were able to withstand rock bottom the markets hit back in March and now enjoying returns in stocks and other assets that they invested in. 

Back in March, Reliance Industries’ stock hit a rock bottom of 867.44 and many of the risk-takers would have pumped in their money at such times when others were simply being very defensive.

At the current levels, those risk-takers/ experienced are enjoying handsome returns by doubling their money as Reliance Industries has now become debt-free.

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The other stock that may give you handsome as well as consistent returns are HDFC Bank and TCS. Both these behemoths can provide huge support to even your ailing portfolio and consistent returns over the years. These are few such examples of stocks. Not recommended to buy or take a position in this stock. 

In all, we can say that investing and cricket can be related. With experience one gains knowledge and can keep a balance between Investing defensively and offensively. 

For further reference and understanding, read the book, “The Most Important Thing” by Howard 

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