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We are extremely grateful to all our 45K+ subscribers for showering us with your constant love and most valuable feedback.

As requested by you all several times, we feel now is the perfect time to add the Track Record tab which will be updated periodically on our blog where you can easily track our complete performance of #5FACTS till date.

Our vision at Stockifi is to empower investors to achieve financial freedom through direct equity investing!

We really appreciate your support as it pushes us to strive hard in researching sustainable businesses available at an attractive valuations in Indian Equity markets.
Both our 2019 Diwali Pics,
1) #NAVINFLOUR is up by ~3x (200%+) from our recommended levels of ~820 &
2) #LTI is up by more than 2x(100%) in less than 365 days.

PS: Please Fill the attached form and make sure to save our number +91 86000 56288 to receive our 2020 Diwali Stock Idea directly on WhatsApp.

Wish you and your Family a Prosperous Diwali and Happy New Year!

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Thank you
Team Stockifi
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Article Source Link | Stockifi Twitter Profile

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Abhijit Chokshi

Abhijit Chokshi

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