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To make money from options trading is not an easy task, it needs proven options trading strategies and experience. One of the best ways to succeed in the options trading is to learn from other experienced and trading strategies. In this article, we will discuss some of the best books on options trading and what traders can learn from options trading books. All the books on options trading mentions here are for all types of traders. There are various mathematical and complex terms are used in options trading that every traders cant understand so for that solution is to read books on options trading.

“The reading of all good books is like conversation with the finest (people) of the past centuries.” – Descartes

The following are some of the best books options trading that every trader must read.

1. Option Volatility and Pricing

Author : Sheldon Natenberg 

Sheldon Natenberg has more than three decades of experience inn the options trading. Sheldon Natenberg started his journey as an independent floor trader at the Chicago Board Options Exchange and the Chicago Board of Trade, and later as an educator, he is also conducted many seminars for option traders at major exchanges and professional trading firms in the United States, Europe, and the Far East.

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This book is best for both advance and beginner traders. It covers the advanced trading strategies with a basic understanding of options trading.

Some of the topics are:-

  • The foundations of option theory
  • Dynamic hedging
  • Volatility and directional trading strategies
  • Risk analysis
  • Position management
  • Stock index futures and options
  • Volatility contracts

2. Trading Options Greeks

Author: Dan Passarelli

Dan Passarelli is an author, trader, and former member of the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) and CME Group. Dan has written two books on options trading — “Trading Option Greeks” and “The Market Taker’s Edge.” He is also the founder and CEO of Market Taker Mentoring, Inc., a leading options education firm that provides online options education, options newsletters and personalized, coaching for option traders. Dan Passarelli started his trading career on the floor of the CBOE as an equity options market maker. He also has practical experience in the agricultural options and futures on the floor of the Chicago Board of Trade.

Options Greeks are most important in options trading to calculate option price. The book is useful to both advance and beginner traders for successful options trading. This book has a total 17 chapters like Basic of options trading, Greek Philosophy, Volatility, risk and opportunity, Volatility selling strategies, put-call parity and synthetics, Rho, Dividend and option pricing, Vertical Spreads, Wing Spreads, calendar and diagonal spreads, Delta, IV, options trading strategies, ratio spreads, and complex spreads, etc.

3. Basics of Options Trading and Six Profitable Strategies Simplified like Never Before

Author : Roji Abraham

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Roji Abraham is a PMP® Certified Corporate Project Manager and holds a bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering and an MBA from Warwick Business School, UK. He is also an experienced part-time trader who has been trading stocks, futures, and options (stock derivatives) since early 2007 actively on the Indian Stock Exchanges (BSE & NSE) and a long time investor and advocate of Mutual Fund and ETF investing. The author has also published two popular books on the globally renowned PMP Certification Exam and books in the personal finance. One of the best things about the author is narrating complex concepts in an easy manner so everyone can understand.

For new commerce this book is best. What you will get from this book.

  • Stock options understanding.
  • types of options and the common terms used in options trading.
  • Principles of options trading.
  • Case studies illustrating the working of each strategy.
  • Mistakes of options trading and how to avoid them.
  • 6 great strategies with risk management.

This book has total 8 chapters like Basic of stock options, options Greeks, mistakes of options trading, options trading strategies, etc.

4. The Options Playbook

Author : Brian Overby

The book is for all types of traders. The author of the books explained 40 options trading strategies for successful options trading. The author is Senior Options Analyst at Ally Invest. The author explained how implied volatility and options Greeks are useful for options trading with a simple and easy way.

5. Options as a Strategic Investment

Author: Lawrence G. McMillan

Lawrence G. McMillan is a professional trader and the author of the  Options as a Strategic Investment book. He appears regularly on CNBC and Bloomberg TV. Lawrence G. McMillan got the prestigious Sullivan Award due to his contribution to the growth and integrity of the US options markets. He is the founder and president of McMillan Analysis Corporation. The author-written multiple books on options trading like McMillan Options, Options for volatile market, profit with options, etc.

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Twitter ID : Lawrence G. McMillan

The book is for intermediate or advanced traders. The book is all about advanced options trading strategies and techniques of using index options and futures to protect portfolios and how to improve return.

What you will get from this book:-

  • Buy and sell strategies for Long Term Equity Anticipation Securities (LEAPS).
  • •A thorough analysis of neutral trading, how it works, and various ways it can improve readers’ overall profit picture.
  • The book is all about advance options trading strategies.
  • Techniques of using index options and futures to protect portfolio and how to improve return.
  • •Detailed guidance for investing in Preferred Equity Redemption Cumulative Stocks (PERCS) and how to hedge them with common and regular options.
  • •An extensive overview of futures and futures options.

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