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Isn’t it inconvenient to research stocks at one place, buy or sell them on other, and track their performance on a different platform? Isn’t it also inconvenient to transact multiple stocks individually? It is! Thanks to Tickertape’s Transactions and Basket features, you can now add all your favourite stocks to a basket and buy and/or sell them, all in a single go.

Transaction and Basket features work on the lines of online purchases. You add your chosen items in your cart and execute a single buy transaction. We took a similar approach when designing Transactions and Basket features.

Here’s a short description of what these do.


Transactions feature on Tickertape allows you to trade in stocks directly from Tickertape. You don’t have to jump to another platform to place your orders. You can analyse your chosen stocks on Tickertape and transact from here via your broker account.


Basket is like a cart on an e-commerce site. It accommodates both Buy Orders to buy stocks and Sell Orders to sell scrips. It also allows you to modify your transactions, which is discussed a little later.

Enjoy a seamless, end-to-end stock investing experience with Transactions and Basket

Transactions and Basket are perhaps among the most ground-breaking features in the Fintech space. Before starting out a transaction on Tickertape, ensure that your broker account is connected to your Tickertape account. Then, follow these steps:

  1. Head on to Tickertape’s screener, filter stocks based on ratios and key metrics and evaluate each stock on the respective stock pages
  2. Once satisfied with your evaluation, click on ‘Place Order’. Now select the type of order: buy or sell, and set the quantities you want to trade. Alternatively, you can also buy/sell the individual stock by choosing the Buy/Sell Order option
  3. Next, click on ‘Add to Basket’ button to add the stock to your basket. Or click on Buy Now or Sell Now to trade the individual stock
  4. After adding all your chosen stocks to the Basket, click on the basket icon on the top header bar. Wait to be redirected to the “Your Basket” page
  5. Here, take a final look at your order and make the necessary changes to Your Basket, if any
  6. Once all is set, click on ‘Place Orders’ button to execute the transaction
  7. Finally, track the performance of your stocks by importing your current portfolio from your broker account
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Executing multiple Buy and Sell orders for stocks on Tickertape and monitoring their performance is really that simple.

Other applications of Basket

Apart from facilitating a single transaction for multiple buy and sell orders of stocks, Basket has other applications too. Once on “Your Basket” page, you have the following options:

  • Copy the list of stocks to the watchlist, and vice-versa
  • Switch between Buy and Sell Order types for each stock. You can do this by launching the options dropdown menu: click on the ‘three dots’ on the respective stock row. Then select Move to buy or Move to sell, as is required
  • Place individual stock orders. Click on the options dropdown menu and select Buy or Sell for individual stocks
  • Place an order for the entire basket by clicking on Place Orders button

Things to note when using Transactions and Basket features on Tickertape

  • The amount next to the Place Orders button mentions the net value of the transaction, which you either have to receive or pay, based on whether the transaction is an overall Net Buy or Net Sell
  • Orders under Transactions are placed as market orders. Ergo, the final executed price of the trade may differ from the prices displayed here. Also, note that this amount is simply the net price of the transaction so it doesn’t include other charges such as brokerage and STT
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Those were Transactions and Basket features for you folks. If you haven’t tried these features of Tickertape yet, do it right away! Also, we would like to know your thoughts on the features.

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