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” The one who knows how to save will be rich soon ” – stockinfopoint

The Indians don’t hold much credit cards as compared to other economies due to various reasons . However, holding a Credit card provides various advantages .

The credit cards are criticized all over the world however if spent wisely it provides decent returns to the card holder.

In search of great return people tend to apply for the credit card they don’t need .

Hence, it is important to analysis your present or future spending expenses before applying for a credit card.

However, credit card without joining and annual fees may be applied but not too frequently.

Average Spending Indian

For an average Spending Indian (Basic Spending Up to Rs. 25000 monthly) best credit card is one which saves him at least 1.35% (50% of Current Savings Interest Rate of SBI) net of it’s annual or joining fees . However, it is to be noted that credit cards which provides return of more than 1.5% comes with hefty fees and is advising to be ignore .

Thus, cashback cards are relatively better for an average Indian , such as :-

  1. Amazon Pay ICICI Bank Credit Card (Cashback 1% to 5%) – Nil Fees
  2. Flipkart Axis Bank Credit Card (Minimum 1.5% cashback) – Rs. 500+GST Fees
  3. Axis Bank Ace Credit Card (Minimum 2% cashback) – Rs. 499+GST Fees
  4. American Express Membership Rewards Credit Card (Return up to 1.7%-Exception ) – Rs. 4500+GST (First Year – Nil , 2nd Year – Rs. 1500 if applied through this link)
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Other Cashback credit cards in the market have restrictions which makes them out of above list.

Above average spending Indian

For an above average spending Indian (Basic Spending up to Rs. 50000 Monthly) Best credit card will be which saves him 1.35% to 2.7% return net of it’s annual or joining fees.

Thus, rewards credit cards are better for above average Indian, such as :-

  1. HDFC Bank Regalia Credit Card (If Free)- Offered Life Time Free sometimes else Rs. 2500+GST
  2. Axis Bank Ace Credit Card (Minimum 2% cashback) – Rs. 499+GST Fees
  3. American Express Platinum Travel Credit Card – Rs. 5000+GST (First Year free if applied through this link)

Lavish Spending Indian

For an lavish spending Indian (Basic spending more than Rs. 50000 monthly and major spending on non-essential expenses such as travel , golf etc.) best credit cards will be which provides more than 2.7% return net of it’s annual or joining fees.

Thus, Premium or Super Premium Credit Cards are better , such as :-

  1. HDFC Infinia Credit Card – Fees Rs. 10000+GST


Technically, there are only 7 credit cards which one have to looked from to get him the best card.

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