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“I loved him deeply but he cheated on me. He left me broken. I will never forget it and I will never forgive him”.

Here you are with a load of cheated love, lot of angst and buried under own anger. You have hold on to the things and so you keep thinking about it all time. And all the thinking drowns you more into hatred and anger. The circle of thinking, anger, hatred, feeling bad and thinking again continues until you see the pictures of him moving on with his life. The pictures make you go crazy. You start cribbing about him. And you start feeling lonely and negative in life because of ‘This One Person. He has made you feel this way. He has ruined your life’.

This crazy wheel is on…..but remember….this wheel is not going on in life but only in your mind. The fact remains all of pain is your own creation.

Isn’t it?

Why did you hold onto it for so long? It is only your choice to not let go the pain. It is your choice to not forgive.

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This is just a testimony to a larger picture. It doesn’t happen only in our romantic relationships but often in all our relationships may it be at our home, with friends, at our workplace, everywhere. Often we are not able to let go the small issues or some words of some people, we mix lot of emotions with those issues and create a big and a huge pain for ourselves. We hold onto all of the bad events. As we grow, holding onto grudges of all these years make us feel heavier year after year.

Just think on for a second, all these grudges are in your mind and will be lost as you pass away. No one would remember what pains you had. Then how does all of it matter.

Learn in life to let go things and let go wrong doings and wrong sayings. They may not be done intentionally may be the other person is going through his/her own bad time. Forgive them not for them but for yourself.

Forgiveness is not a gift that you give to others but it is a gift that you give to yourself.

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