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Here is the Step by Step Process of Gifting a Share :

  • You can gift stocks, ETFs, and gold bonds to friends and family through the gift stocks feature on Console.
  • Enter the name, mobile number, and email address of the Reciever.
  • Select the stocks, Gold bonds,ETFs you want to gift from your holdings. Please note that you can only gift stocks that are in your demat.
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  • Now Wait for recipient to accept, The Gift request is valid for 7 days within which recipient has to accept the shares gifted.
  • On Acceptance, Sender will receive an SMS and E-Mail for verification, After approval from the CDSL T-Pin of sender, Stocks Transferred from sender’s dmat account to receiver’s dmat Account.
  • This is completely off-market Transaction which happens at 5 PM on every trading day, You will receive an Email and SMS from CDSL with this link to verify transaction using OTP till 8 PM.
  • Once the transaction is verified using OTP, Shares transferred from Sender to receiver account.
  • Charges : Rs. 25 or 0.03% of transferred amount, whichever is higher.
  • For the purpose of Profit & Loss calculation, the closing price of the transfer day is considered.
  • For Tax implication : no tax on sender.
  • Receiver has to pay tax if the total transferred amount exceed Rs. 50,000.
  • Some Exception of this Tax regime :- Transfer on occasion of Marriage, Transfer due to inheritance and Transfer to relative(Which is explained in chart below).  
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