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New from WordPress.com Courses: Podcasting for Beginners

WordPress.com Courses is excited to offer Podcasting for Beginners! Our first 100 customers will enjoy 50% off the subscription fee with the code PODCAST50.

Would you like to learn how to create your own podcast or improve your existing podcast? WordPress.com Courses is excited to offer our new on-demand course, Podcasting for Beginners. We’ll help you get started, learn how to publish, and even how to use your podcast to make a living.  

Our courses are flexible. You can join, and learn at your own pace. But that’s just the start. Podcasting for Beginners is more than just a course —  it’s a community that gives you access to regular Office Hours hosted by WordPress experts. A place where you can ask questions, share your progress, and pick up a few tips along the way. 

Lessons include step-by-step videos covering:

  • The Foundations (Curating your content and an editorial calendar.) 
  • Interviews (Recording, editing, and outreach.) 
  • Configuring Your Site (Integrating your podcast into your site and distributing it.) 
  • Growing Your Community (Engaging with listeners.) 
  • Making Money (Monetization basics and preparing for the future.) 
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Let us take you from “What is podcasting?” to launching a podcast of your own.

Cost: A $99 annual subscription gives you unlimited access to course content, our online community, and virtual sessions.

Join now as our first 100 customers will enjoy 50% off the subscription fee with the code PODCAST50.

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