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In last 1 year since I presented 1st on https://indianinvestingconclave.com/ at ITC 2020 (Indian Trading Conclave) and then on Face2Face with Elearnmarkets https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lyX0v0lH_h4, I have been getting requests regarding providing more guidance on data and analytics driven investing. As per my understanding, the topic is vast and cannot be covered through a 2 hour webinar, have spent last 3-4 months thinking over same and preparing a structured approach around the same.

In this regard, I initiated a survey to better understand aspirations and need (https://twitter.com/suru27/status/1333510484809510912?s=20) few weeks back. I would like to personally thank each of you who participated in above survey to provide valuable inputs. This has helped me to structure offering based on audience aspirations. Finally, I am here with a webinar to walk you through details of this program which will have multiple tracks and courses customized to suit everyone’s need. The common theme to all of them is the data and experiment driven approach. Also, will be providing 1st level view of certain data and insights services which would be launched later on at an appropriate time. The webinar will provide all required details on scientific investing training program coverage, courses, learning paths, curriculum and other key details.

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Please register here to attend the same: https://forms.gle/Gnmqp29fR5rbqecS6

Note: This is a free for all webinar and there are no prerequisite to attend the same.

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Saurabh Kumar

Saurabh Kumar

Saurabh is a finance and analytics enthusiast with professional experience in both fields. He is an avid investor in the Indian stock market and academically interested in the application of analytics in the value investment field.
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