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Key Observations:

  • 80% (27 out of 34) stocks, have given at least 30% to 125% returns so far.
  • ~35% (13 out of 34) stocks have given multi-bagger (more than 100%) returns, with INDIAMART being our top performer (6x from our initiation levels of 1230), followed by DEEPAKNTR (~4x), NAVINEFLOUR (~3.5x) and JBCHEM (~3x in less than a year).
  • Only 5 out of 34 stocks are giving marginal negative returns so far.
  • Our stocks as a portfolio basket are clocking an average return of 78.69%. That means, Rs. 100 equally invested in all our stocks would be worth ~Rs. 178.69 within just 1 and a half year.

Philosophy we follow at Stockifi: The Samurai way of Investing

The Samurai were the Elite Warrior Class in the Traditional Japanese Culture.

They were greatly honored and respected during their days of Glory and Majesty well before the Modern World was colonized and imperialized by western civilizations.

The distinguishing feature of the Samurai was their personal deadly Sword called the Katana Blade.

It is a deadly weapon carried by them at all times as a mark of his symbol and status.

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However, the way in which it was used was very unique. Unlike other fighters, the Samurai believed in one swing one kill.

They would not use the blade unnecessarily or swing it around too much. But when they did decide to use it, they would swing once and it would prove deadly and fatal to the opponent in one swift motion!

Investing in the stock markets is very similar to the samurai philosophy. You decide your personal risk appetite and capital allocation.

Create a strategy for the allocation of cash in the desired proportions and wait for your mark.

Once the stock becomes available you strike the full blow of your proportionate allocation and then hold until there is an exit signal.

Lesson: Patience is a prominent virtue of the Samurai and they trained their whole lives just to use their sword only when it mattered.

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Article Source Link | Stockifi Twitter Profile

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