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The main idea about the Hitpicks advisory service is to provide good entry points for entry into fundamentally good companies. We are not in the day-trading or very short term trading game. Neither are we much interested in F&O. 

We focus on stocks with good quality that have a good technical structure and that can provide a good risk to reward ratio for us. The typical holding period is 2-6 months for a stock.

Currently Open Recommendations
Num of Gainers 6
Num of Losers
Total Num of Calls 6
Avg of Gains / Loss 13.48%
Win Ratio 100.00%
Recommendations (Since Inception 01-Jul-2020)
Num of Gainers 10
Num of Losers 5
Total Num of Calls 15
Avg of Gains / Loss 11.00%
Win Ratio 67%
Max Gainer 80.20%
Max Loser -15.21%

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Abhishek Basumallick

Abhishek Basumallick

Abhishek Basumallick is the Head of the equity advisory for long term wealth creation.
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