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Hi All,

So finally, I am here trying to give gyaan on market :). Can see some months down the line, lot of tweets and posts coming – “why teaching when can make money in market, all here to sell gyan etc etc”. :). So, may be important to put my view of view on the same. Here are the reasons:

  1. The number of questions and queries I have been getting in last 2 years has been only increasing and this is not something which I can cover in 2 blog post or 1 hour of webinar on how to learn to double your money in 1 hour. So, a structured platform was needed
  2. I felt rather than giving recommendation on what to buy or sell, better teach a framework so that one can decide on what to buy or sell
  3. There has not been enough content in India on quantitative investment beyond the usual PR gyan, I mean really getting into coding, executing etc. May be few but I am not aware of and someone had to if not me, so, let it be me.
  4. You go this ay or that way, you will always have few who will appreciate and also, always few who will make fun. Why to think of negative ones and sacrifice the positives you will get out of it
  5. I love teaching. Have been visiting faculty at multiple B-schools. The reason being teaching is one of best forms of self learning and hence see this no different
  6. Last but most important that there is no intent to loot or give tips etc. The whole focus is on creating a platform which can help people to get new perspectives, build new things and explore the universe of investing further. Have kept the overall approach as much transparent as possible and that would be the intent going forward too.
  7. Nothing in life comes free and anything free makes me more suspicious than greedy and hence, the small per hour content fee which I am charging.
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So, finally, here are the key resources if one wants to know more about the program:

Use this link to watch this video to get more details on scientific investing program:

(22) Webinar on launch of Scientific Investing Program – YouTube

Use this link to view PPT used for above webinar:

Scientific Investing Program Launch 03Jan 2021.pdf – Google Drive

If still have doubts, use this PDF which covers key frequently asked questions:

Further, I launched my YouTube channel where I will be putting informational videos apart from blogs here. you can register the ame here:

(22) Scientific Investing – YouTube

One recent video I posted on key books to read for better investment knowledge. You can view the same here

(22) Books recommended for multi-disciplinary reading in stock market – YouTube

Signing off for now..

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Saurabh is a finance and analytics enthusiast with professional experience in both fields. He is an avid investor in Indian stock market and academically interested in application of analytics in value investment field.
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Saurabh Kumar

Saurabh Kumar

Saurabh is a finance and analytics enthusiast with professional experience in both fields. He is an avid investor in the Indian stock market and academically interested in the application of analytics in the value investment field.
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