Praj Industries – APIs, Fermentation, Biologics, and allied sectors with new Technologies and Tie-ups.

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Praj Industries – APIs, Fermentation, Biologics, and allied sectors with new Technologies and Tie-ups.

Company Overview

Industries (Praj), India’s most accomplished industrial biotechnology Company
with global footprints, is driven by innovation, integration, and delivery
capabilities. Over the past three decades, Praj has focused on the environment,
energy, and agri-process industry, with over 750 customer references spanning
75 countries across 5 continents. Praj’s diverse portfolio comprises of
Bio-energy solutions, High purity water systems, Breweries, Critical process
equipment & skids, and Zero liquid discharge systems.

Praj has
pioneered the Bio-Mobility that envisages using renewable biological resources to
produce carbon-neutral transportation fuels across all modes of mobility i.e.
Surface, Air, and Marine. The bio-Mobility platform comprises Biofuels both in
liquid, as well as gaseous form and, are derived by processing feedstock such as
Agri residue, Molasses, Cane syrup, grains, oilseeds, etc.

Bioenergy the portfolio comprises of technology solutions for first-generation ethanol,
advanced biofuel (second-generation ethanol), compressed biogas (CBG) and
biodiesel systems. Biofuels are produced using three types of bio-based
feedstock namely sugary (C molasses, B molasses, sugar syrup, etc.), starchy
(damaged/ surplus grains, maze, etc.) and cellulosic (Agri residues and biomass).

Currently, the ethanol
blending rate in the country is just 5%. The progressive National Biofuel
Policy launched in 2018 has a stated objective of reaching 10% ethanol blending
by 2022 and 20% by 2030.
The policy envisages the production of ethanol from an expanded
range of feedstock such as B heavy molasses, juice, syrup, and damaged grains.

The company partnered with Dedini S/A Indústrias de
Base of Brazil to provide advanced technologies for ethanol production for
South America, and with Sekab E-Technology AB, Sweden to commercialize
technology to produce advanced biofuels and biochemicals from forest residue.

Order Book
as of Q2 FY21: Rs 405 Cr.

Technologies and Tie-ups that bodes
well for the company

1. Praj Industries and
Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) entered into an MoU,
to jointly address technologies to
propagate the use of biofuels in a variety of applications including usage in ICE
in the transportation sector.

2. Gevo and
Praj will provide technology, plant equipment, and EPC services to customers to
produce renewable Isobutanol that will be aggregated and transferred to various
refineries. Both parties will also provide technology, plant equipment, and EPC services
to refineries for converting renewable Isobutanol into SAF through the
ASTM-approved pathway of Alcohol-to-Jet (ATJ).

3. Praj
expanded its business horizons and launched BioPrismTM technology
for producing bio-based Renewable Chemicals and Materials

4. Praj has entered
into an MOU with National Chemical Laboratory (NCL)
for developing
promising innovative technology solutions in the RCM space.

5. Praj has signed
MoU with Lygos Inc, USA based biotech company
, to co-develop Advanced
Lactic Acid Yeast Technology for Bio-based Products.

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Recent Key Developments

1. During the year,Company was granted 6 Indian
patents and 41 foreign patents.
The Company filed 131 international patents last year. In all, the Company has 74 patents granted to its name.

2. Praj bagged the Industrial Green
Chemistry World (IGCW) Award for the environment-friendly furfural technology.

3. The enzymatic bio-diesel technology
was expanded to use low-grade feedstocks like tallow and waste fatty acids.
bagged the first order for 50 TPD biodiesel plant
from tallow in UP.

4. Praj developed lignosulphonate technology from
the lignin generated from the 2G infinity plant
. This can be bolted on
the 2G plant to improve the overall viability of 2G ethanol plants.

5. Praj completed the DBT Biodiversity
screening project in collaboration with D Y Patil University within timelines.
20,000 microbes were screened for 4 target molecules in 2 years.

CelluAPP® technology process

Ethanol availability &

1. Total Annual installed capacity of
Ethanol and Alcohol in India is 693 Cr. Liters.

2. Total Annual Installed Capacity of
Ethanol in India is 460 Cr. Liters( Grain Based – 75Cr. Liters, Molasses Based-
385 Cr. Liters.

3. In the next 5 years, the OMCs ethanol
requirement will be approx. 2000-2400 Cr. Liters as per 10% Ethanol Blending at
all India basis.

Praj HiPurity Systems (PHS)

HiPurity Systems (PHS) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Praj Industries Limited.
PHS offers water systems (WS), modular process systems (MPS) as well as the value
added services (VAS) to customers in biopharma, sterile formulations, topical
& orals, cosmetics & personal care, and nutraceutical industry.

PHS made importantly
progress in the complex injectables, a niche low volume high-cost product segment, which is gaining traction across the globe.
The partnership with Aquanova,
of Sweden especially to cater to all important injectables and vaccine industry
is paying dividends.

Several tops
of the line, pharma majors have reposed faith in this value proposition by way
of awarding contracts.

The drugs
going off-patent in the coming 2-3 years have a very high proportion of Biologicals
which include fermentation-based processes
. PHS continues to focus on
this opportunity by offering solutions for greener fermentation-based
manufacturing processes.

orders are being secured in this important business segment offered under the
MPS vertical.

More surprise elements to come – Praj
HiPurity Systems

With the
emerging shifts and focus on localization, the domestic pharma industry intends
to bring a larger focus on producing API’s (Bulk drugs) to reduce dependency on

To combat
Covid-19, several projects are being set up for manufacturing COVID vaccines as
well as disinfectant liquid significant opportunities will emerge out of these
new investments.

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Revenue Trend Over the past 5 Years 

Split for Recent Q2 FY21: Rs 260.24Cr.

fermentation champion Novozymes with Indian biotechnology major has an active
collaboration with Praj in India for the past 10 years.

Strong Pipeline to cater to future

which is the core business of the company clearly see a significant effort from
multiple stakeholders now to make the whole system and the environment and the
opportunity crystallize in terms of the definition of feedstock that is now the old the portfolio has been increased.

The demand
from oil marketing companies have now been projected for 5 years through that
and the prices have been rationalized. So, there is a clear move by the
government to tell the sugar mills that over the next 3 years period they will
start to reduce the quota for export and gradually bring it to zero over the
next 3 years and all of that surplus should get diverted to ethanol production.
Even on the other hand if you look at the 2G technology it will be of great
benefit for the company.

On the CBG
front, the company has developed an ecosystem that will be very positive for
setting up the capacities. On the non-Bio-energy side of their business, as mentioned, the company sees clear traction coming out on the zero liquid discharge systems.

The PHS a business that is serving the very important pharma segment, already because of
the uptick in the pharma segment itself plus the success and the durability
of the solutions that the company has built over a period of time, is now leading us to
a situation where customers are looking from a very different perspective on
the PHS’s ability to provide solutions. So, all in all, it’s expected the whole
ecosystem to be very positively oriented to build on the order book

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