The Decade That Went By

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Happy New Years everyone. While this new years didn’t only bring the end of an decade, I also entered the mighty 30’s in September 2020. While I don’t have a lot documented from the past decade, I would like to take this opportunity to share the best and worst of the moments and my lessons from the past 10 years.

Professional Qualifications

There are people who will tell you that a professional qualification is not mandatory in this day and age of internet. While I partly agree with this, I somewhere believe that you must have some qualification that can get you a decent job and something that does not have the probability of being redundant in the next 15-20 years. I am very thankful that I qualified as a Chartered Accountant and as a CPA in the last decade. The CA qualification was very timely because my father had passed away just before my exams. It was for this qualification that our financial position did not deteriorate and we could reach the position we are in today as a family. for they are the reason I could improve my financial position and also support my family in times of need.

Finding My Love For Reading

One thing that I am extremely thankful about is to have discovered the fact that I love to read. This happened somewhere in 2014-15 at the age of 24 or so. Since then, it has been an epic journey of learning by standing on the shoulder of giants. I have a list of some the books I loved here.

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My Experiences With Death

It wasn’t a glorious decade to be honest. When you experience untimely deaths in your family, you realise that life is fragile and you are walking on very thin ice. While we are all dead in the long run, you still have to deal with painful emotions in this lifetime. I wrote a little something about my experiences here.

Starting To Write

I started this blog in mid of 2019. Even though I haven’t written much, figuring that I enjoy writing and would want to do it in the longer term is a good trigger for me to continue to learn, create new experiences and share them with the world. Most importantly, I will need to continue to read a lot and sharpen my cognitive skills. One more habit that I would like to develop in this decade would be of journaling. Would you like to read some of my writing? You could do it here 🙂

Launching Side Hustles

Creating another source of income is not that difficult as I thought it would be. I have been able to make some money through affiliates, sale of my savings rate tracker, consulting etc. Not only it adds more money to your bank account, it’s also fun. Try it. Find what you are good at, and monetize it.


Nowhere close to the world records of Instagram bloggers, I was fortunate enough to travel quite a bit. Of all the countries and cities I visited, I think I would love to go back to Italy, Indonesia (northern and Central Bali only), Abu Dhabi (don’t ask why, I just enjoy the vibes), Singapore and New York. What did I really figure from all this travelling? People are same everywhere. I love to walk in new locations. Trust me, I explored almost New York mostly on foot and it was an amazing experience. Wherever I go, I make sure I explore on foot. Talk to people, everyone has a different perspective of life. Eat, you will fall in love with the local cuisine at every new destination.

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I was an “obese” kid for most of my life. I have no idea what got into me but I lost 20 kgs twice in the past decade. Since then it has been an amazing journey in the world of fitness. I tried everything from the usual gyms to functional training and cross training. Ran two half-marathons without enough training only to realise four years later that I love to run. I had to do something good in the pandemic for myself so I hired a running coach in July 2020. One big realisation for me has been that if you really want to do something seriously in life, hire a mentor. The learning and returns are abnormal.

Getting Married

Well this had to happen. What a time 20’s is. The chemical engine in our brains knows no bound. A lot happened in the 10 years. To whoever reading this, if you are not married, please adhere to this advise from Shahrukh Khan from Dear Zindagi ” “Hum itni kursiyan dekhte hai ek khareedne se pehle phir apna life partner choose karne se pehle options dekhne mein kya problem?” (We try so many chairs before deciding to buy one, then why shouldn’t we try different partners before deciding to spend who to spend our lives with). I ended up with a fantabulous kursi (chair) to spend my life with. Could not be more thankful.

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