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Mr. Balvant Parekh was born in Mahuva, a small town in Gujarat in the year 1924. After getting his lawyer’s degree, he decided that he didn’t want to practice as a lawyer because of the number of lies in the profession.

This is shocking that in spite of being a lawyer, his first job was as a peon in a wood trader’s office. He used to live in a warehouse along with his wife.

He had some great business skills which were eventually recognized by an investor who helped him financially. He started with importing cycle, arena nut, paper dyes, etc before launching his own company.

The business did well and the company was named Pidilite Industries as we know it today.

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Mr. Balvant Parekh observed that the Indian Adhesives Market was dominated by glues made from animal fat which were clumsy and cumbersome. The adhesive market in India was unorganized and had very few branded products.

He saw an opportunity and then the company started manufacturing white glue called Fevicol which helped the carpenters immensely. And thus started the Fevicol success story.

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Marketing Strategy Behind Fevicol Success Story
Marketing Strategy Behind Fevicol Success Story | Source: Marketing91

He observed that the humble carpenter played a vital role in determining which adhesive to use and was also the most important person in the value chain.

2 Reasons Behind the Fevicol Success Story

One of the reasons behind the Fevicol success story is that they focused more on selling directly to the carpenters than the others who used to deal with hardware stores etc.

It focused on product quality and organized various campaigns to help carpenters realize the importance of using good quality adhesives.

Another reason behind the Fevicol success story is that they have been constantly churning out brilliant advertising and marketing campaigns to keep the brand floating.

Their advertisements often use sarcastic and intelligent humor which has found a connection with the masses in the Indian market.

Best 5 Fevicol Advertisement Campaigns

One of their early advertisement stated that “Fevicol aise jod lagaye, acche se accha na tod paaye”.

With these activities, Fevicol built extremely strong bonds with carpenters.
This resulted in great word-of-mouth publicity for Fevicol!

In the 1970s, Fevicol introduced smaller tubes for retail consumers. It created brand awareness with its awesome marketing campaigns. As per me, the main attractions for this brand were the ads they presented that earned millions of hearts.

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Fevicol has even made its presence in Bollywood where they had a song “Chipkale Saiyaan Fevicol Se” which featured Salman Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan.

Fevicol continued to grow over the decades by focusing on product innovation, maintaining product quality, building a solid distribution network, and with outstanding marketing. Thus, making the Fevicol success story even more interesting.

When the Pidilite industries had started, it only had a single product which was Fevicol and today this company manufactures more than seventy-five products. Some of these products are Fevistik, Fevikwik, and Fevicol marine.

Owing to its ever-growing popularity worldwide, this brand has also won the Lion of the Cannes which is comparable to the Oscar award for filmmakers.

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Such riveting and successful, Fevicol brand’s journey has been that anybody would wish to them to exist even after its 100th year of celebration for indeed this is a brand for which people could forever say, “Pakhde rehna, chodhna nahi hai.”

Watch: Fevicol Mooch Ad Campaign

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This post has been written by Sparsh Jain. Follow him on Twitter here for more interesting Twitter threads.

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