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I have decided to not write a separate post about each IPO, instead cover them month wise, this year would see many companies making way into primary markets.

  1. Heranba Industries Limited: Website

Incorporated in 1992, Heranba Industries Limited is a Gujarat-based crop protection chemical manufacturer, Heranba is manufacturers of Synthetic Pyrethroids and its intermediates in India. It has a wide network of business in India as well as in world market with a phenomenal growth rate year after year, they are fully equipped in house laboratory with all the laboratory equipment’s such as HPLC’s, GC’s, Polarimeters, Particle size Analysers, Spectrophotometers and other conventional lab equipment’s.

Company have expertise on all the key chemical reactions on commercial scales. Presently engaged in the following processes

IPO details and Timetable:

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Short Term / Listing Gains: Apply, Looking at the Price to earnings ratio (P/E) of various competitors the issues is priced reasonably, we can expect the listing gains ranging from (20% to 30%).

Gray Market Premium is around 140 (as of 22nd Feb 21)

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Long Term: Apply with caution, I see lot’s of listing peers are already available, we need to see how the issue perform after listing in secondary market and then decide.

If you want to maximize the chances for getting IPO, below post will help you:-)

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