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On account of rising Covid-19 cases in the country, Stock Exchanges traded in Red on Monday. For a long-term investor, this downfall in the market is positive and an opportunity to accumulate or buy sound businesses. Hence, in this blog, we will be suggesting 6 such stocks, which should be on Investor’s Radars. Also, we will be discussing what Shareholders should do at this point. So, Lets’ Start!


Both the Stock Exchanges, NSE & BSE traded on Red on the Monday session on the tune of rising Covid-19 cases in the country. India reported around 2.71 lakh Covid cases on Sunday and the market reacted very negatively to this news and its highlights could be seen on the market on Monday 19th April. Bombay Stock Exchange on one side was down by nearly 1.81% and broke the level of 48,000 and closed at 47949.42. While the Nifty Stock Exchange (NSE) was also down by 1.77% and ended up at 14,359.45.

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What Shareholders should do?

  • From a Financial Planning point of view, any investor having a maturity period of their financial goals of less than 3 years, then they should now exit from their equity allocation.
  • As market may remain volatile in the coming period as well and consolidation is expected in that market as well.
  • For investors who are having a time horizon for their financial goals of more than 3 years should not react to this market situation and should ride this volatility with ease by sticking to their sound businesses.
  • Well, Investors who are long-term investors and want to become true shareholders of the businesses, they are having the opportunity to assess Investor’s Behaviour.

6 Stocks to Watch:

This list consists of those stocks which are almost down by 20% from their 52-Week High levels along with the support of Sound Businesses, Good Fundamentals, High Growth, and Earning Visibility.

i) Axis Bank:
  • Axis Bank Stock is down by 20% from its 52-week high levels.
  • Also, it seems that Bank has recovered from the mistakes made by the previous management and is eying towards future growth.
  • Axis Bank is also making its great presence in the Retail Sector as well.
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ii) Bajaj Finance:

This particular stock is down by nearly 23% from its 52-week highs.

iii) Eicher Motors:
  • Eicher Motors’ share is down by 22% from its highest peak levels in 52-weeks.
  • Unlike other automobile companies, this business seems to be not affected by the trend of Electric Vehicles.
  • Their brands are Aspirational Brands and hence there is less fear of emerging trends of EVs in this business.
iv) Maruti Suzuki:
  • This Stock is also down by 52% from its 52-week high.
  • Maruti Suzuki can be a good pick especially for the conservative investors who don’t want to go with such automobile companies which are possessing high debts.
  • Maruti Suzuki is having around 47% market share in the passenger vehicle market.
v) Reliance Industries:
  • Reliance Industries stock is down by almost 20% from its 52-week high levels and at these price stocks looks attractive as well.
  • The company is having 2 growth engines in the form of Reliance Retail and Reliance Jio.
  • Currently, concerns regarding Future Retails deals are there.
vi) State Bank of India:

This is one of the good stocks among the other PSUs Bank Stock.

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All the stocks are suggested above are not direct recommendations and one should analyze on their own before making any investment. Stocks provided are picked according to their sound businesses, good fundamentals, and those stocks which are nearly 20% down from their 52-week high. Hence, all such stocks should be kept on the radar of Investors.

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