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Have you gone through the times when your relatives and teachers asked you a question “What do you want to become?” Probably everyone out there have at some point in time faced this question and have been forced to think upon what one really wants to be and wants to do. 

I have also gone through series of such questions thankfully not from my parents but from my teachers and friends. Today, whenever I see people asking this question to anyone, I just can’t stop smiling. This smile is not of amusement, excitement or joy but that of confusion and ignorance. 

Why should I become something? Is my life only fulfilled if I become something? And how to figure out what I want to be?

What I think about this “becoming something business” has changed over time.

Why this ‘becoming something business’ is so rampant and consumes us. Does it have some positive bearing, obviously it should have one that is why I assume our elders keep poking us with it.

Probably if one decides what he/she wants to become, it helps in setting a direction so one can focus on necessary actions to get there. Yeah may be true! Because we have also learnt “A man without a direction is like a ship without a rudder.”

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Seems fair…Isn’t it?

But now my question is how one can determine their aim and learn everything that gets them over there without even knowing if what they aim for will really give him/her immense satisfaction. Is core satisfaction of no consequence?

Why should we overate becoming something and not pay attention to core satisfaction? 

Is there no other way to learn, to grow, to acquire skills and to inculcate good habits and values?

What if everyone does what they love to do, love to learn and enjoy working on? May be if they work well enough and intensely, they may land up becoming something unique, different. Their INTENSITY of work may end them up on an unchartered path.

I am amused to see people building fortunes through youtube, through blogs, through tik tok and many more. These platforms are fostering and appreciating wide range of skills unseen in older days.

Well, when we can see all this happening around us, why should I still lay so much emphasis on ‘becoming something’. Rather I can look for what my core inclination is towards, what I love a lot and pursue it relentlessly and intensely. May be I may end up becoming one of my kind!

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