Few Things That Are Certain About Markets And Life

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Stocks will always remain volatile.

Humans will always remain greedy.

Markets will go up in the long term.

All of us will die.

There will always be more than one option.

Wealth will move from the impatient to the patient.

Everything will suck at some point in life.

Money will never have emotions.

The basics will always be a house, food, clothes and good healthcare.

Most of humanity will live purposeless lives.

Gap between life on social media and life in real will continue to expand.

Investors will create wealth. Speculators will create followers.

Instant gratification will reach the extreme end of the spectrum.

Status will continue to drive the society.

The worst case scenario of our lives will always be death.

Cash will continue to have the highest optionality.

We will continue to run out of time.

Time will remain the greatest eqauliser. Everyone will continue to get 24 hours a day.

Returns from compounding will always be back-ended and non-linear.

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