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Lately I get lot’s of queries about from ‘where I read technical charts?’, ‘where I look fundamentals of the company‘?, which apps I have in my mobile for managing my finances? etc.

In this post I will be writing about those with my personal experience.

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Note: This post does not including any promotion and sponsorship, this is based on my personal experience.


Kite - Zerodha's fast and elegant flagship trading platform
  • This is Zerodha flagship app and I use it daily for trading and investment purpose,
    The overall experience offered by the Kite is flawless, the design is very clean, clutter free and minimalistic in nature, this helps users to only focus on the thing what is important and removes unwanted things, Kite app offer lot’s of flexibility in terms of 5 watchlists, various tabs showing Order/Holding/Fund etc.
    Available offering: Web / Android / iOS
  • Groww:
What Makes Groww The First Choice of New Investors in India - The Startup  Journal
  • I wanted to keep my Mutual fund investments separately and always looked for the platform which offer the easy to do way of investing in direct plans, now a days we have lot’s of platform available in markets like Coin, Paytm Money, Kuvera
    But groww was quick in the market to offer this facility with very easy to do interface, must say the apps works way better and offer clean user experience then web. I also opened my father account into it who is the old timer in stock market and I see he was able to operate the app with minimum teaching.
    Available offering: Web / Android / iOS
  • Screener: (@screener_in) | Twitter
  • The tag line says it all ‘Stock analysis and screening tool for investors in India‘, This is one of the website which I use heavily to check the fundamentals / results / reports etc. for any company, the interface is clean and clutter free and really improved over the time. The best part of it is that I can create my own screener and filter the stocks on my criteria, this is free to use and does the job for very well.
    Available offering: Web
  • Tradingview:
Free Stock Charts, Stock Quotes and Trade Ideas — TradingView
  • It’s a cloud based technical charting for basic and advance traders, it has basic free and pro plan, but I use free version and it does the job well, must say it’s very heavy on the the web, but still works very well, the good part about is its not just limited to India but offers the details (tickers, commodity, index) view of world markets also, I recently started using this web site and found quite good. The offering is available in desktop / Android and iOS platform.
    Available offering: Web / Android / iOS
  • Stockedge:

New Technology based – StockEdge is one of the research app I use day to day, It empowers me to do self research by providing all necessary tools which are relevant for doing Fundamental and Technical analysis. The best part which I like the most is an End Of the Day (EOD) data availability in transparent and readable format, this app helps you to do quick data analysis. In addition, also provide couple of free scanner which can be used to take trading and investment decisions.
Available offering: Web / Android / iOS

CRED App Review – Now Get Rewarded for Paying Credit Card Bills – CardExpert
  • This app is changed the way I look at my credit cards, I love using credit cards and this app simplify the credit card payment, from the day I started using this app I never forget to pay credit card bill.
    The app interface is so simple and easy to use and offer great information to you which was never shared by the credit card companies to the customers, the best part is it offer the points once you make the payment of your credit card outstanding via this app, must admit that the current benefits are much lower then what was offered when the app got launched, but still worth using.
    Available offering: Android / iOS
  • INDmoney:
INDmoney | LinkedIn
  • I recently installed this app and liked the overall concept of bringing all your money related thing into one app, this is almost like a Portfolio Tracking app, which does the job well, in past I was using Moneycontrol portfolio, but I found this much more intuitive and simple to use, the best part here is it integrate well with Employee Provident Fund (EPFO) and National Pension Scheme (NPS) and can get the details from your email client and update in the app.
    Available offering: Web / Android / iOS

Happy Investing and do let me know which apps you use day to day for managing your finances and for trading / investment 🙂

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