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Hi !

Skin in the Game

This week on my birthday, I have disclosed my ‘Sadhan Portfolio’ to all of Youtube viewers ! You may consider this as a Bday Gift from my side:).

 I have seen many youtubers just sensationalising the topic with clickbait such as “Multibagger” or “Crorepati stock” to earn views and many naive retail investor end up losing money on them. Interestingly these “Gurus”never buy these stocks and just coerce public at large to buy/act on their pitch.

By disclosing my portfolio I want to establish that ‘fundamental research driven wealth creation is possible through mindful stock investing’ and that is the core reason Sadhan stands for.

At Sadhan I put my money where my mouth is /#skininthegame/.

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Amitabh Vatsya

Amitabh Vatsya

Amitabh Vatsya is an active Investment Vlogger (http://youtube.com/c/Sadhansimplified) | Loves to share his ideas at http://wealthsutra.wordpress.com | Follow him @amitabhvatsya
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