Reliance Industries Annual Report 2021 Takeaways

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Reliance Industries Annual Report FY21

“India must lead the change to create a better world.” – Dhirubhai Ambani

Highlights of FY20-21 Reliance Industries Annual Report

  • Fund Raises done.
  • 24th June 2021 AGM Link – (We will post a thread on the event day)
  • “We now have a strong balance sheet with high liquidity that will support growth plans for 3 hyper-growth engines – Jio, Retail, and O2C”
Reliance Industries Annual Report FY21 Highlights

A small brief on their businesses

  • Retail
  • Digital Services
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Oil to chemicals
  • Oil and gas E&P

Consumer Metrics

Reliance Industries Business Highlights

Engines of Tomorrow

Digital Tech – Connectivity, Core tech, disruptive ecosystem solutions, ultra-broadband, 5G readiness

New commerce – Expanding selling ecosystem, connected supply chain, inclusive new commerce model, MSME partnerships

O2C (Oil to Chemicals) – Net carbon zero, maximizing o2c conversion, new energy, new materials

Their startup accelerator program, JioGenNext, supports exceptional founders for launching their startups in the Reliance ecosystem.

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Reliance Retail

By the end of the year, the digital commerce and merchant partnerships business accounted for about 10% of revenues, significantly stepped up from near zero in the preceding year

Future Drives and RIL’s actions

Reliance Fresh

2.9 million Units of groceries sold per day

1,800+ MT Fruits, veggies, and staples sold per day

>50% Share of fruits and veggies in the modern trade

Reliance Fresh Brands


“Want to lead the category by pioneering an omnichannel pharma strategy encompassing physical stores, digital platform Netmeds, and partnerships with connected local pharmacies”

Digital Services

Jio has built sufficient network capacity for the next 300 million mobile broadband subscribers, over 50 million fiber homes, and 50 million MSMEs

2.5+ million Homes connected by JioFiber services till March 2021

Digital Services Offered by Reliance Industries

Jio’s total spectrum footprint increased significantly, by 56% to 1,732 MHz. The acquired spectrum can be utilized for transition to 5G services at the appropriate time, where Jio has developed its own 5G stack.

1+ Gbps Milestone achieved by Jio & Qualcomm’s 5G RAN Platform.

40 Patents granted to Jio in FY 2020-21.

13.3 GB Average data consumption per user per month during the quarter ended March 2021.

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3,00,000+ Attendees connected through JioMeet at the 43rd RIL AGM.

Oil 2 Chemicals – initiated proceedings of carving out of O2C businesses into a separate subsidiary. process expected to be completed in CY 2021

Oil and Gas E&P – commissioned Asia’s deepest gas field and India’s first ultra-deepwater gas field – R Cluster in KG D6 Block. This will help Reliance work towards India’s transition to a cleaner and greener gas-based economy.


200 Cities and towns served by JioMart.

No data given on Jio PoS.

30+ million Citizens used Haptik during the lockdown.

14 million Eligibility checks carried out through EasyGov for government schemes.

*End of FY Reliance Industries Annual Report takeaways*

Now we all know Reliance has been continuously fundraising and investing in startups! So where is Reliance heading towards?

We wrote an article that covers –

  • Past, Present, and likely Future of RIL
  • Past 16 Qtrs of newsflow + data analyzed – Why it tells us everything about their plans?
  • Reliance and WeChat?
  • Succession
  • Fun Facts

Reliance – The Amazon of India? The past, present, and the likely future of this behemoth!

Do stay tuned for our Reliance AGM thread on June 24

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